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Canon EOS R8 Review

Canon EOS R8 Review

Meet the new Canon EOS R8 mirrorless camera with IS STM lens from the Canon EOS R series made by Canon Cameras. It is quite a jump over the entry level Canon EOS RP. This joins the likes of the EOS R3, Canon EOS R6 the R6 mark II and the Canon EOS R7 and the other newly released camera by Canon, the Canon EOS R50.

This full-frame mirrorless camera can suit the beginner user to the professional user. The EOS R8 full-frame mirrorless camera bundle comes with a very capable RF mount 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens. This means you wont have to shop other brands like Sigma or Tamron for compatible lenses to the Canon EOS R8.

Canon R8

 In addition as being a full-frame mirrorless camera, the EOS R8 comes equipped with an approximate 24.2-megapixel full frame rate CMOS sensor with duel pixel CMOS auto focus. This replaces the aps-c, which are usually found on smaller cameras

The camera body is extremely lightweight and weather sealing (one of the lightest) at less than 1 pound, combining full frame capabilities with a very portable design. The body only is an SLR-style mirrorless Canon EOS R8 is approximately 5.22 x 3.39 x 2.76 in. / 132.5 x 86.1 x 70.0mm. The Cannon EOS R8 camera is a must have for individuals who are looking to take amazing photos or videos. The camera offers up to 4K 60 fps recording for recording video up sampled from 6 fps. This camera is mountable on a Canon RF mount and is tripod ready.

There are so many different options on this Canon EOS R8 RF 24-50mm and it will suit either a professional looking to update their creativity or a just being used in general to take amazing photos and videos. Editing software is part of the many great features this lightweight camera has to offer. The CMOS sensor and HEIF recording capabilities, and options including being able to display images and videos from this camera onto a TV in 4K HDR is visually stunning. This is not a feature offered on some other competitors models in this price range. Coupled with an OLED screen which is found on some of the most high end TV’s and smartphones and a 3.0 inch touchscreen LCD with Clearview technology viewing and continuous shooting.

 When I am out taking photos and/or videos, it is so important to me that I know that I can produce the image and video quality that I want without having to “break the bank” price wise. This new line of Canon EOS R8 models of cameras provide just that. Whether, I am taking photos or videos of a family member or friend’s birthday party, or just strolling in different nature environments, I know I am going to get top notch quality imaging from the Canon R8. When sharing photos or videos taken via this camera, I feel confident that the people I send those images or videos will love the crisp and vibrant image quality which is exactly what I am hoping for. You just can’t say that about many cameras at this price point.

The Canon EOS R8 RF 24-50mm camera offers some of the most fantastic specs at the price point for the entry level of this style and specs of camera that it is in. We will examine what some pros and possible cons to this camera may be, how they may effect your usage of the camera and choosing which model in this Canon EOS R8 line that would be most suitable for you.

Canon R8Specs

 Let’s review some of the pros, cons, and specs from our favorite model of this camera line.

· Extremely lightweight and easily portable

·Comes with a digital interchangeable lens. Compatible lenses include Canon RF lens group (including RF-S lenses) When using Mount Adapter EF-EOS R: Canon EF or EF-S lenses (excluding EF-M lenses) (please refer to the user manual for your model)

· Due to it’s RF-24.2 megapixel – 50mm lens the wide-angle recording is phenomenal.

· Digic X processing for noise reduction and sharpness-based image processing

· Improved resolution at low light iso range speeds and low noise at higher iso range speeds (please refer to the user manual for your specific model for iso ranges)

· Does not offer in-body image stabilization as some rivals do.

· 4K recording of video at 60 FPS and at full HD 1920 x 1080 up to 180 fps (please refer to your user manual for your model)

· High speed and precision Auto Focus with the dual pixel CMOS AF offering approximately 100% of image coverage of the picture area.

. Magnification of approximately 0.70x / Approx. 33.0 degrees

. Featuring a single electronic first curtain shutter to end exposures. This mechanical shutter works amazingly.

. The shutter speeds are 1st-curtain Electronic shutter: 1/4000th sec – 30 seconds, in 1/3 or 1⁄2-step increments
Electronic shutter: 1/8000th sec – 30 seconds, in 1/3 or 1⁄2-step increments (1/16,000th possible, if user-set in Tv or M shooting modes)

. Full frame sensor allowing versus crop sensor.

· Fast burst rate image taking with up to 40 fps including a rolling shutter for continuous shooting

· Fluid face and eye detection and tracking with just change the subject detection to “People”. Can also detect animals, their faces and their movements.

· Fantastic in camera built in image processing or editing, and dynamic range making different recording options better and easier and offering several options to enhance image taking. Including moving subject HDR, Depth Compositing, Panoramic Shot, HDR night scene and backlight control. Also includes HDR PQ for improved image quality and luminosity.

· Dust deletion feature with a self-cleaning sensor unit and Dust delete acquisition and appending. (please refer to your model’s user manual to determine if one or both are equipped)

· Wide variety of image formats to record in including JPEG (.JPG), HEIF  for high efficiency recording while taking up less space on your SD Card (.HIF), RAW, C-RAW, Dual Pixel RAW, RAW burst (.CR3) Movies: ALL-I (Time-lapse video only), IPB (.MP4)

· Continuous recording at 4K UHD or HD exceeding 30 minutes, which can grow to up to 29.97 hours at HD 1920 x 1080 video recording.

· STM lens offering a less expensive smaller and quieter operation.

·9 levels of white balancing modes

·The Autofocus system offers a High speed, high precision Auto Focus allowing for composting of nearly anything in the picture frame

·Wi-Fi enables access to the 2.4 Ghz network and bluetooth 4.2. for seamless connections.

· USB control of the camera can be done on a either a Windows or Mac computer via the Canon EOS utility software.

·One USB-C port and micro HDMI output/input to connect to your computer, phone, tablet or compatible device USB is 3.2 generation for the fastest communication with your compatible PC or other device.

·Stereo microphone for sound recording with 3.5 mm headphone jack

· Images can be sent to a compatible social media site via it’s USB promoting vlogging

· One of my absolute must pros of this model is the availability of live streaming utilizing the Canon connect app which will allow you to live stream events via common apps like Zoom, Skype for example.

. Does not include a joystick as some competing DSLR cameras do.

. There is no 5 GHZ Wi-Fi band support for faster transfer speeds and you will have to use the 2.4 GHZ network which would provide for further range from your router but less speeds than accessing the 5 GHZ network for Wi-Fi

· Does not offer in-body image stabilization as some rivals do like Sony or Nikon.

. Lacking the top LCD screen as seen on the Canon EOS R6 mark II

. The Canon EOS R8 is not equipped with ibis unlike some competitors.
Canon R8

Printing and expansion cards

·Printing from Wi-Fi printers is not supported. The camera should be attached either directly to a USB port on the printer itself or the Windows or MAC PC or other compatible device via the USBC port to print images.

. SD Card slot for memory card compatible with UHS-II. These will store your files in the memory card and be installed in any SD card slot on a compatible device.

·Lack of twin or multiple SD card slots (memory card) which may deter professional dedicated to certain industries like weddings or events like that. In instances like that a dedicated professional would most likely be willing to spend more money on a higher end model that suits their profession.

As a hands on example, I was recently at an event using the live streaming on Zoom in order for the individuals who were unable to attend the event to be able to take part in it. The reviews that came back were overwhelmingly positive and the virtual attendees were raving about the image quality. From the visuals of the in-person attendees their features and voices to the food down to the toothpicks in the finger food which we took video of as well, the feedback was as if the virtual attendees were actually in the room where the event was taking place while not being there in person.

Battery Life

· Battery life on full 60 fps recording on the lp-e17battery of video which can last up to 2 hours usually drains a bit quicker than that with all of the image stabilization and processing.

· The smaller lp-e17 battery can take up to 290 images using the rear screen, however if you utilize the (EVF) viewfinder that number drops to a rating 150 shots. There are power saving modes which can potentially increase these 50-70 shots taken, however some of the power saving modes may impact the availability of several of the cameras features. Real world use will vary based off several different factors such as the freshness of the battery. (Please consult your user manual for specifics on the model chosen). We recommend a spare battery due to this.


With the many powerful specs and useful features, the Canon EOS R8 RF 24-50mm is simply a fantastic camera. It also comes with a capable lens kit. There are many different RF lenses which you can buy that will work with this Canon EOS R8 body style camera. Please see specs listed above and check your user manual for the right ones prior to buying. The Canon R8 Mirrorless Camera is also sold as “body only”.


In conclusion, based off our Canon EOS R8 review we highly recommend the Canon EOS R8 RF 24-50mm for your camera needs. The EOS R8 comes at a affordable price point and amazing specs. It is another great addition to the EOS R series which just makes this line even better for everyone. The EOS R8 is perfect for everyday entry level users to professionals looking to maximize their dollar and obtain an awesome camera in the entry level range of the Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera line.


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