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Canon’s New Mirrorless Camera

Canon’s New Mirrorless Camera

The rumors are true! Canon is getting ready to launch a compact version of its EOS R camera. Meet the EOS RP, a full-frame mirrorless shooter that will be available from on February 27th! We have some tantalizing specs for you to mull over while you wait on its release. How does the EOS RP stack up against its predecessor, the R? The new EOS RP is all about being compact and portable, weighing roughly 17 ounces without a lens attached. Making it the smallest and lightest full-frame EOS Canon camera to date! Like the R, the RP features a built-in, 2.36-million-dot electronic viewfinder, has an ISO range of 100- 40,000 (expandable to 50-102,000) and shoots 4K video at up to 24 frames per second. As you might expect, the EOS RP comes with a smaller 26.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, compared to the 30.3-megapixel found on the EOS R. That said, there are features shared between the two cameras, such as the Digic 8 image processor, accurate Dual Pixel autofocus with eye detection and that fully articulating 3-inch touchscreen. Both the 0.39-inch viewfinder and 3-inch LCD are a bit smaller than on the R, but again, you’re dealing with a lighter and more compact camera in exchange. If you want to control the camera remotely or share pictures wirelessly, the EOS RP has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. There's also a USB Type-C port for charging, a single UHS II SD card slot, HDMI out, plus 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks. Design-wise, the EOS RP is nearly identical to the R, except for a couple of details. The RP doesn't have the touchpad that was on the back of the R, nor the tiny LCD screen next to the mode dials that let you view information like ISO and aperture. Instead, there's a more traditional dial in place.

The Eos RP has an excellent low-light performance. Amazing for nighttime photography or in very low light, the EOS RP camera's brilliant AF can operate in dim light where other AF systems may fail.

When it comes to specs, the EOS RP has exactly what you would want from your camera: a big sensor, solid AF and 4K video. But this light weight mirrorless camera is designed for people who want a small camera with great picture and video quality at an affordable price. Get yours from starting February 27th!
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