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Capturing Great Travel Photos in Low Light

Capturing Great Travel Photos in Low Light

Vacation season is upon us. This means you’ll be capturing shots of breathtaking sunsets, landscapes, cityscapes, and of course people in all types of lighting situations. Learning to deal with low light in your photography is one of the most important and fundamental skills of photography. We’ll show you how to apply low light photography tips and techniques to use when you’re traveling and shooting in natural light his summer.

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Tips for Landscapes
The most impactful landscape photos are created during the golden hour making your low light photography skills the most important aspect of the shoot. It’s best to use a tripod to stabilize the camera and avoid camera shakes. It allows you to take sharp photos at a low ISO, which results in the best possible image quality. It also causes you to slow down and think when you compose a shot. You can still cause minor shaking by pressing the shutter button. To eliminate this vibration, use the 2-second delay function on your Nikon D850 from Use a long shutter speed to introduce the motion blur in our photos. A shutter speed of one second or longer smooths the running water of a waterfall and produces a silky looking effect. A longer shutter speed lets you use a low ISO for better image quality and a smaller aperture allows you to maximize the depth of field to get the entire scene in focus.  

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People Photography
Whether you’re shooting environmental portraits, indoor portraits or street photography, you’ll face similar challenges in low light conditions. But the solutions to overcome these challenges are different. Using a long shutter speed would ruin most of your portrait shots. Instead, open the aperture of your lens by setting it to a minimum value. This lets more light reach the camera sensor to balance the exposure. It will minimize the depth of field, enabling you to achieve an out-of-focus background. Shoot in burst mode to lower the risk of camera shake after the first shot. You’ll also have multiple shots to choose from.

Even when you shoot cityscapes in optimal lighting conditions, it’s always beneficial to use a wide lens. After all, you are trying to fit huge structures into your shot from a very short distance. But, when shooting in low light conditions, these lenses with shorter focal lengths are less prone to camera shakes. Be creative and add some artistic style to black and white cityscape shots by cranking up the ISO.

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Night Sky Tips
Some of the most beautiful night skies can be seen during summer travels. But shooting in the middle of the night when it’s pitch black is the most extreme type of low light photography. To produce perfectly sharp stars, the shutter speed value should not exceed 30 seconds. You need to use the widest possible aperture and boost the ISO to extreme values. Just remember, the faster the lens used, the lower the ISO value. Canon wide lenses from let you use a much longer shutter speed value before star trails become prominent.
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Use these tips to help make your low light travel photography more impressive.
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