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Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

Now that almost every cell phone comes equipped with a camera, and sharing photos from our digital cameras can be done instantly, we’re all taking a lot more photos than we did just 10 years ago. Being able to snap anything, anytime, anywhere allows you to preserve special moments forever. Instead of simply uploading them all to social media, why not display these memories that you’ve captured in your home? We’ve rounded up some of the most creative, fresh and fun ways to display your photos around the house. All so that they really become a feature rather than fading into the background.

Repurposed Door
This quirky, clever idea will have you scavenging through your garage or searching your favorite second hand stores to find the perfect paneled door to display your favorite photos. The best thing about this DIY photo display is that it can also double as a coat rack.

Clipboard Displays
Purchase some clipboards to stain or paint, or create your own sturdy, beautifully aged clipboards from wood you have lying around your workshop. The dark stain will really make the colors in your photos pop.

Chalkboard Wall
Instead of framing each picture and hanging them, you can really let the creative juices flow. All by painting a wall with chalkboard paint, and then drawing your own frames to match your photos. The best part is that you can change it up as often as you like without spending any more money.

Canvas Frames
If you are looking for a simplistic and minimalist approach to displaying those photos you’ve taken with your Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera from, simply glue your photo in the center of a blank canvas and finish it off with a matte or gloss look.

Shadow Box Magnets
Instead of displaying your photos on the wall, why not go old school and put them on the fridge? Use little shadowboxes so you can include some bits and pieces to add a whole new dimension and quality to your photos.

Print Photos on Ombre Paint Chips
Try printing your black and white photos on large paint chips to turn regular photos into amazing art. Just check out this tutorial and create a display using your Canon Pixma Wireless All-In-One Multifunction Printer that will bring a modern touch of color that can fit any decor.

Shower Curtain Photos
If you really want to make a bold graphic statement, print a favorite photo on a shower curtain. Beautiful photos of flowers, graphic shapes, interesting letters, or scenic vacation spots could make a very cool shower curtain.

Create Custom Photo Wallpaper
If you want to display a photo that nobody will miss, wallpaper is the way to go. It makes such an interesting backdrop to a room. You can get your own no-fade custom wallpaper made at World Wide Wall Murals. With these ideas, you’ll be able to make some unique and fun photo displays while also creating amazing accents for your home.

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