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DJI OSMO Pocket 3 - The Ultimate Vlogging Camera

DJI OSMO Pocket 3 - The Ultimate Vlogging Camera

DJI is at it again!! As a class leader in drones with products such as the DJI Mini, the DJI Action, and the DJI Mavic, DJI Air and gimbal cameras, DJI is constantly looking to improve on their products and release new tech in an efficient and competitive manner. Improving on the wonderful gadget the Pocket 2, The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is the third camera in the Pocket line from DJI above the DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Pocket 3. DJI's drones, which are class leading definitely have an input with this action camera, almost making this feel like a drone mounted on a gimbal for ground use.

Previously DJI provided better features and specs than a GoPro like the GoPro Hero or the Insta360 x3 and the sjcam. DJI installed a larger sensor in their GoPro-shaped Osmo Action 4, their 1-inch CMOS sensor. The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 comes equipped with that same larger sensor for high quality HDR imagery. In addition thanks to that larger sensor, the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 can easily handle even low light scenes. Vloggers, Content Creators, photography hobbyists, and even photography professionals will appreciate the functionality of this pocket camera.

When purchasing a Vlogging camera, you want a camera that provides extreme ease of use and getting the best quality image on their social media site of choice. Professional Vloggers are constantly looking for a way to increase their subscriber base. The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 can accomplish this for you. Shoot and upload your content in 4K 60FPS or 4K 120FPS for slow motion shooting and watch that beautiful image pop up on the OLED touchscreen. In addition, the camera can be mounted on a mini tripod for enhanced functionality during a Vlogging session.

Below we will delve into the crux of the specs and features that make the DJI Osmo Pocket 3, the ultimate vlogging camera.


Features you will Love!

With the extremely powerful 1 inch CMOS sensor gives the user the ability to ensure that each exposure will be clear, crisp and loaded with vibrant sharp color. This feature allows for the subjects skin tones clearly shine through.

The gimbal on the DJI Osmo Pocket camera 3 lets you track a subject, and gives automated panning effects. DJI's ActiveTrack 6.0 is included. The camera can also be operated via the mimo app which can be found in the corresponding app store to your mobile phone, for iPhone users it would be in the app store, for Android like found on Xiaomi smartphones, the app can be found in the Google Play Store. This app can handle livestreaming too.

The DJI Mimo is a an app that gives the user powerful editing tools to enhance their still image and video recordings. It comes with features like HD live view during recording, intelligent modes, DJI Mimo is a must download companion to the Osmo Pocket 3.

DJI a leader in drone and handheld gimbal cameras, made the Osmo Pocket 3 an upgrade over the Osmo Pocket 1 and the Osmo Pocket 2. Vloggers and Content Creators were the target audience when crafting the Osmo Pocket 3. Thanks to the rotatable screen or osmo action for vertical format streaming “Shorts” posted to social media sites like (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts) have never been easier. It is also a touchscreen for ease of use. The device can connect directly to one of DJI's new DJI Mic 2 Bluetooth microphones for good quality sound as you live broadcast on the go.

Available in several different combination packages the all inclusive creator combo pack for Osmo Pocket 3 comes with a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, a Osmo Pocket 3 Protective Cover, a DJI Wrist Strap, a Osmo Pocket 3 Handle With 1/4′′ Thread, a DJI Mic 2 Transmitter, a DJI Mic 2 Windscreen, a DJI Mic 2 Clip Magnet, a Battery Handle, a Mini Tripod, tripod mount, carrying case and Storage Bag. These gimbal camera accessories make the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 a great purchase for Vloggers. You can also purchase a lens cap cover protecting the camera lens, shoe mount, screen protector, a remote control for the Osmo Pocket 3. The expansion accessories are a must have. This pocket camera may even fit into your phone holder. You can even add a backpack clip that would hold this amazing gadget. Throw in a compatible keychain offered by DJI as well. Great for the actual device or a remote control.

Having a cold shoe mount will allow you install a mini tripod or gimbal which is different than the mount for a GoPro camera. As previously mentioned the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 will have a competitive advantage over GoPro accessories.

Connectivity and charging via ports are handled with the included USB-C port located at the bottom of the device, if you attach a mini tripod which is compatible with the Osmo Pocket 3, there will be a USB-C port at the bottom of that as the main port would be blocked. It's also possible to connect the Osmo Pocket 3 to any external digital USB-C microphones that support 48K/16bit. Purchasing a power bank for those long on the go shooting adventures will assist you in making sure that your camera stays charged even when you are away from an receptacle oulet.

Attaching a wide angle mirrorless lens to the Osmo Pocket 3 gets all of your scene in every frame. Its is beautifully crafted and has a magnetic design which allows for simple installation and removal.

A larger 2 inch OLED touchscreen will show the fantastic image quality while shooting video in 4k 60FPS HDR including compatibility for the HLG high dynamic range format. The HLG format is commonly used by many TV providers to provide their content in HDR. Having this ability to shoot video recordings in 10-bit HLG color modes you can even record landscapes with HDR, with amazing sharp details in the exposure.

The amazing flexibility is not just found on the base of the Osmo Pocket 3. Despite being on a gimbal, whether it is the rsd 1 or the rsd 2 from DJI, the lens comes equipped with several magnets and then the camera can accept ND filters or a wide-angle lens adapter. There is also the availability, as found on the Osmo Pocket 2, of an Expansion Adapter for wearing the device. With the proper adapter you can attach a ulanzi gimbal as well.

The 950mAh Battery Handle is a little longer but can surpass the standard 166 minutes of battery life. The device and battery grip can both take a fast charge, so get up to 80% in a matter of approximately 16 minutes via the aforementioned USB-C port. Both adapters connect and disconnect with extreme ease. When disconnecting the the adapter, it will come off with a press of a central button.

The DJI Pocket 3 can also act as a front facing webcam thanks to it’s gimbal and stabilizer accessories like a mini tripod. Attach the camera to your computer via the USB-C port and your Skype or Zoom calls will come through showing you clearly and vibrantly. Attach a selfie stick and snap away knowing that the image quality on your selfie will be amazing.

Having the gimbal stabilizer when shooting video in Face auto-detect and dynamic framing, will let you track objects and faces of their subjects with a stable exposure. With a three-axis mechanical stabilization, the camera view remains extremely stable even during fast action scenes.

This pocket camera weighs approximately 179 grams, making the Osmo Pocket 3 a sturdy and solid pocket camera that even when used as an action camera is easy enough to carry around. With it’s gorgeous matte silicone finish, it has a smooth and professionally designed build for ergonomic usage.

You can shoot 4K video up to 120 FPS in slow motion. So the frame rate gets bumped up when shooting in this format.

Using the two physical controls located on the Osmo Pocket 3 including a joystick on the left and a record/shutter button on the right which is found beneath the display has never been easier. The joystick can activate the digital zoom, or pans and tilts the gimbal head.

For storage of stills and video recordings there is a A MicroSD card slot is placed at the bottom of the device for memory cards. It is rated to handle memory cards up to 512 GB of storage capacity.

Connectivity for all you Vloggers is present on the Osmo Pocket 3 with a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth module. In addition the camera connect to two DJI Mic 2 Transmitters, so you can record multiple subject voices which will come in handy for vlogs, interviews and livestreams.

Vloggers will love the different creative modes found on the DJI Osmo Pocket 3. Some of the creative modes of shooting include SpinShot, Motionlapse, Timelapse, digital zoom, Panorama, and much more. So you have many options to get your creative content to appear the way you want it to.

DJI OSMO Pocket 3


The Osmo Pocket 3 from DJI is available for purchase now. It can be bought in a black or white finish. Great accessories can be found to take this camera to the next level. With a great starting price point of around $500.00, you can’t pass up this action camera with all the specs and features available.

You can also purchase different combo packs which will provide you with additional accessories, such as the windscreen, battery handle and mini tripod to name a few. The full Creator Combo pack with all of it’s accessories is a must have for Vloggers and content creators.

Final Thoughts

There has been an abundance of positive feedback received for the DJI Osmo Pocket 3. Vloggers will absolutely love the features that this gimbal action camera can provide. Whether you want the latest in drones or gimbal action cameras like the DJI Osmo Pocket 3, your image quality will surpass what you thought was capable on a pocket camera. Look no further than the DJI Osmo Pocket 3.

Editing Vlogs or creative content which this camera is designed for is a breeze with the DJI Mimo App. Utilize the app for livestreaming, Vlogging, whether shooting horizontally or vertically has never been easier. The availability of 4K 60FPS HDR quality video on a gimbal camera will have your creative content and Vlogs appear crisp, clear and vibrant.

So, if you are a Vlogger or want an amazing camera for hobby photography don’t hesitate, there are coupons available for this new product, grab the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 and take your Vlogging career to the next level. 

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