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Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Couple Photography

Many people wait all year for Fall season.  The grandeur of watching the trees changing their leaves from green, to yellow and green, and then to gold and brown as they shed from the branches.  The appearance the sun has as its golden rays beam through majestically through the vibrant earth tone colors of the Autumn season that surrounds us.  The nostalgic aroma of pumpkin spices and cider that is a reminder of good times and amazing drinks.  And finally get to wear all your favorite fall sweaters outfits that have been waiting for you in the back of your closet. 

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year.  It is the season about feeling good, looking good, and loving.  No other season can present such a warm cozy environment and sentiment making it one of the best seasons for Autumn photoshoots with someone you love.

Fall will present you with many opportunities for a fall couple photoshoot.  Whether you’re at home on a weekend, going to a festival, experiencing a spooky Halloween party, or simply taking a nice Fall stroll through the park, the scene is always perfect for taking pictures.  So, get your digital camera ready because you’re about to take photos that will have great sentimental value to you.

Planning a Fall Themed Photoshoot

Setting is everything.  You won’t have to travel far or do a lot of work to create a fall theme for your photoshoot.  Autumn is all around you.  You can decorate if you choose, but know it is only what is within the composition and frame of your photo that is important.  Often, you can find one nice tree in or around your home that provides you with a stunning visual setting for your shoot.  Going on fall activity trips like festivals and pumpkin patches will also set the scene for beautiful photography. 

Simply looking ahead at your events this season will allow you to consider when you want to have a cute fall photoshoot with the person you love.  Of course, you can also create an event that revolves around a photoshoot.  Creating a moment specifically for photos with a loved one demonstrates that you value your relationship and want loving pictures to hold on to forever.  Plus, your photos will thank you when you have plenty of time to get them exactly as you envision without distractions from your activities.

Autumn Leaves Photoshoot


Probably one of the most iconic fall picture ideas is the fall leaves photoshoot.  This represents the season well with colors of a natural warm vibe, and an essence that is grounded for love. 

You shouldn’t have to look too far to find the perfect environment for your shoot.  Whether you’re in your backyard or going to a park the scene awaits you.  To elevate your photos with stunning highlights, consider having your photoshoot during golden hour.  This is the hour after the sun rises and an hour before the sun sets.  During this time of day, as the orange and yellow sun sits on the horizon, its rays will make you glow while casting the perfect shadows, creating an artistically profound and meaningful environment. 

Such depth and meaning are the perfect match for capturing love and life.  Which is why shooting in this setting is also fantastic for shooting a maternity fall photoshoot.  There is no greater representation of love and life than family and starting or growing your family is a moment that needs to be remembered.  Additionally, maternal photoshoots are a way to honor your loved one and recognizing the struggles and challenges that maternity brings, and how amazing and strong of a person she must be.

Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot

Pumpkin patch

An Autumn afternoon trip to the farm is a fun fall activity with a lot of photography benefits.  Between the fall themed harvest, hay, and pumpkins, you can create memorable photos and maybe even get some good shots for Thanksgiving holiday cards. 

Here’s some ideas for an amazing fall pumpkin photoshoot.

  • Picking pumpkins – You can pose choosing, picking, and holding the pumpkins that will travel home with you. Candid photos are great as well during this process and will provide you with authentic poses and expressions.
  • Consider your frame and composition. Include landscapes and signs showing off where you are and your fall environment.
  • Use filters – Filters are a great way to accentuate the rustic flavor of autumn, especially when involving pumpkins and fall festival activities such as hayrides and corn mazes.

Farm festivals are a great place for creative pumpkin patch maternity photos too.  From romantic earthly couple poses over a pumpkin patch background to silly photos involving pumpkin babies, you will have a lot of fun shooting maternity photos here.

  • Utilize interesting landscapes for flattering for maternity photos.
  • Use the sun to your advantage, highlighting you and your loved one in a purifying glow within the landscape.
  • Silhouette shots are an eloquent artistic portrayal of life and body, especially when taken during golden hour, or when the sun is at its peak mid-day.

Aerial Couples Photos

The latest craze in photography is shooting from the sky.  Drone photography provides stunningly vivid and clear images and footage from vantage points you would never normally reach. 

Imagine being able to get the perfect angle to showcase you, your partner, and your environment during your trip to the harvest festival or pumpkin field. 

Envision piloting a drone to open the beautiful view atop the autumn trees while you and your partner gaze forward to the grace of the sun as it radiates from the horizon.

Outdoor photoshoots will never be the same because of the shots you can get with a drone.  Plus, they’re loads of fun to operate.

Costume Couple Photoshoot

Going to a Halloween bash, masquerade party, or merely trick or treating this season?  This is a great opportunity to take some amazing costume photos together with your partner.

Costume photography is synonymous with a photobooth style vibe.  Using a camera like the Fujifilm’s Instax will allow you to bring the photobooth wherever you go.  Giving you the ability to take and print photos on the fly means you can take couples photos or pictures with friends and instantly have a memorable photo to share.  The Instax has a built-in automatic exposure and a couple unique selfie modes so it’s easy to get great shots in any lighting conditions.  These photos are also credit card size 2x3 inch photos, making them wonderful to keep on your person, or creatively place in unique areas around your house, office, bedroom, or car.

You can also use Canon’s SELPHY square compact photo printer which also prints pictures on the fly.  The SELPHY is conveniently sized so you can easily travel with it anywhere.  The pictures produced are a cute 2.7x2.7 in size also closely mirroring photobooth picture sizes. There is even a SELPHY photo layout 2.0 app which lets you edit, add templates, filters, and stickers to your photos for a playful vibe that matches with the photobooth theme for your Fall costume parties.

Both camera and printing devices provide photos that are perfect for your photobooks and refrigerators.  You can literally place them anywhere, utilizing the adhesive backing to the photos printed or simply placing the photos in a nice frame.

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