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Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

vWhether or not we like to admit it, we’re all interested in fashion. Being fed fashion imagery within newspapers and magazines, or through advertisements on social media and the internet. We can’t really escape it. Your interest may have even been piqued with the run of NYC’s Fashion Week. Wanting to try out your own fashion photography skills? We have some hints and tips on fashion photography for beginners. We’ll show how starting in fashion photography can be the most fun a photographer can actually have.


Let’s Talk Gear

Different concepts and locations require different gear. You can mainly shoot fashion on a 50mm lens from if you like the low aperture. You should switch to your 24-70mm if you need a wider field of vision when on location. Sometimes you may want to fit a whole landscape in, or compose a setting better so you can tell the story you want to achieve. When on location try to utilize the natural light as much as possible. This is where a reflector/diffuser comes in handy. In a studio? Softboxes are great. But LED lights are daylight balanced already and the continuous light aspect makes it easier to see where the light is falling. LEDs also help you use lower apertures, even in a studio. Movement can be caught easier, as you can fire away without worrying about the recycle time of a flash.


Understand Fashion

For any photographer, a firm understanding of the subject matter is helpful to produce the best results. Having a basic understanding of current fashion trends will help you to progress in the industry. Study fashion history and historical designers, stay up to date on current fashion industry news, and watch fashion films and documentaries.

Read Magazines

Fashion magazines are easy to find and can provide inspiration to you as new fashion photographer. This is a great way to find out who the more prominent fashion photographers are and study their work. Find things in magazine photos that draw your eye, and work to emulate these techniques in your own shoots.


This is one of the tips you will hear most about learning to break into the fashion photography industry. Testing improves the quality of your work but also allows you to make more contacts within the industry. Perform as many of your own shoots as possible with your Sony Alpha a6000 from Use your friends if you need to, but put together a portfolio of diverse shoots to use as your foot in the door. Modeling agencies like to see plenty of work from a photographer before enlisting them for a shoot.

Edit Your Portfolio

Always maintain an updated portfolio. Continuing to work and improve your portfolio shows that you are current and skilled in photography. By constantly editing and changing your portfolio, you are ensuring that you’re showing others your best work.

Update Your Website and Social Media Profiles
Social media is an excellent tool to display your work. Continually add to your social media pages and personal website to show off your most recent photos taken with your Sony a7R V Alpha Full-frame mirrorless camera. Social media can be an effective tool for garnering fans of your work and help to increase your profile when attempting to gain industry jobs. Knowing that you put everything into your craft will ensure that you always have work you can be proud of. Do work that is meaningful to you. With enough effort and networking, people will eventually take notice of the consistently high-quality work you’re producing.
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