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Graduation Photo Ideas

Graduation Photo Ideas

Graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, but remember the photos will probably stick around for a while. You don't want people scrolling through social media the next day and seeing your graduation picture among the same boring photos. And you don't want to see the photo on your mom's mantle for decades to come and wish you'd planned for it a bit better. Here are some ways to stand out and take your graduation pictures to the head of the class.

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Look for a Meaningful Graduation Photo Backdrop
You'll have a chance to take photos in front of notable areas on campus, so why not pick a place that's meaningful to you. Maybe there's a hidden spot in which you liked to study or an area you and your friends hung out at after classes. Forget the statue and find a place that really matters.

Grad Photo

Pose in Front of Your Favorite Building
Did you spend all of your time in the science building at school? Then you HAVE to get a cute graduation picture in front of it with your Nikon camera from!
Grad Photo

Say it with a Sign
Write "I'm done," your grad year, or literally whatever you want on a cute sign and hold it up while wearing your cap and gown.

Hold Your Furry Friend
Because you wouldn't have gotten through finals without snuggles from your pup.

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Wave Your School Flag
Show off where you're heading next by wrapping yourself in the flag of your future school.

Say “See Ya” to Finals
Have someone take a picture of you tossing several papers in the air above your head as you’re walking away from the camera towards one of your formal campus buildings. Not only does it make a great graduation picture, but it will feel so good as well!

Get a Close-Up of Your Tassel
Hold your tassel out in front for the mirrorless camera from to focus on while adjusting the depth of field on the camera. This use of bokeh is an amazing senior picture idea for your tassel before it gets put in storage for years to come.

Admire Your Achievements
Whether it’s honor cords, honor stoles or honor stashes around your neck, you worked so hard to earn them, you might as well show them off! Get several shots of yourself posing with symbols of your achievements. Whether you hire a professional photographer or call on your bestie, it's important for you to use these senior picture ideas so you’ll have these memories forever.
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