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Some Helpful Photography Tips for Moms

Some Helpful Photography Tips for Moms

As a mom, photographing your kids becomes an everyday occurrence. Whether it’s capturing them during a special event, while playing sports, or just playing alone in their room. Despite what camera you have, you can learn how to photograph lasting memories of your children with these tips.

Vary your point-of-view
This is probably the single most important tip. Get creative with your positioning. Try crouching down and placing the camera at your baby or child’s eye level. Or set your camera down on the ground for the shot. Stand on a chair and point the lens down toward the floor. Whether you’re taking a picture from the top, underneath, or on the same level, learn to move around and find a great angle that really tells a story!


Strategically choose your lighting
Look for the best natural lighting. Place your baby on a blanket in that spot, or ask your child to play in that area. If you have a dark home or live in a region with very few bright days, you may want to invest in a speedlight. Sit your children underneath a window with great light or under a shady tree to get a soft, but bright effect. Watch out for strange shadows and other things that editing either can’t mask.


Eliminate the clutter
With kids, come toys, books, dolls, and stuffed animals. Clear the clutter by zooming in with your lens or walk in closer to your subject to remove any distracting elements in the background. Shooting in aperture priority mode or manual mode with your camera from will help, too. Be sure to reduce your depth of field, which will blur the area in front of and behind the subject.

Raise your shutter speed
As you know, kids often move fast! To freeze their actions, increase your shutter speed. If you are shooting with a point-and-shoot camera, select the sports mode. With a DSLR, select shutter priority mode or manual and make sure to choose a shutter speed of at least 1/250.

Let kids be kids
Take a few steps back and just let your kids play. Don’t direct them, don’t tell them where to stand or what kind of face to make. Just let them interact and capture them in their natural environment. If you have a telephoto lens from, you’ll be able to move farther away and then zoom in. Your children might even forget that you are there!

Eliminate “smile” and “cheese”
Instead of saying, “smile,” try words like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or “abracadabra”, or just point the camera at the kids and ask them to simply look at you. You’ll find that they give natural smiles when they look at the camera, but really cheesy smiles when you ask them to “smile and look at the camera.”


Above all, moms, make sure you and your little ones are having fun!
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