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How to Edit Photos

How to Edit Photos

Whether you're using  a point and shoot or a DSLR camera, it's always a good idea to edit your photos before posting or printing them. A few minutes of editing could mean the difference between a good photo and an amazing one. Here are some quick and easy ways to edit your photos so you can share quality photos every time.


Make Your Photo Black & White
Sometimes turning a color photo into a black & white one might be the only way to make it usable. This could be a solution for fixing an image if you dialed in the wrong settings on your camera before taking a shot. Maybe you took a photo that is really over-exposed. But when you convert it to black & white, it can seem like you did it intentionally. You can also use black & white photography to set a certain mood. It’s a great way to highlight contrasts that might not be as obvious in color photos.


Use the Adjustment Brush
No matter how hard you try, and how many pieces of equipment you carry with you, it’s always a challenge to get the perfect light. This is especially true when photographing outdoors. It’s not always easy to work with reflectors outdoors when working alone. It’s not the most comfortable shooting scenario to have your subject stare into the sun to acquire to perfect lighting. The solution usually ends up with you shooting in a more shaded area, or with your subject facing away from the sun. This can result in other issues you’ll need to deal with during post processing. If your image ends up with unwanted shadows on the face of your subject, there is an editing solution for this. Editing toolkits like Lightroom, have an adjustment brush. With the adjustment brush you can highlight your subject’s face and make adjustments to the exposure and shadow levels.


How to Remove Small Imperfections
When editing portrait photography on your Microsoft Surface from, you’ll want an editing tool that will smooth out any imperfections on your subject’s face. The clone tool in Lightroom can be used to remove small blemishes like scars, dark spots or blemishes on the skin. This editing tool can also remove unwanted objects in the background of the image.

Crop to Focus Your Viewer’s Attention on the Subject
Once you sit down in front of your UltraWide monitor to edit your photos, you may find that you have included other elements that might distract from the subject. You can use the cropping tool to direct the focus on something specific. You will still be able to print high quality photos as large as 12x18 at 300 dpi.


These tips will help you quickly edit your photos making them sharable with the world.
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