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How to Take Graduation Photos at Home

How to Take Graduation Photos at Home

This year’s graduation and graduation festivities may still look a little different from previous years. Even if your child won’t be crossing the stage in front of hundreds of people, their graduation is still a milestone worth preserving in photographs. Here are some ways to put those caps and gowns to good use by taking your own graduation photos at home.

The Right Equipment
It’s important to begin your graduation photoshoot with the right camera gear. Because these images are going to be printed and most likely framed, you’ll want to shoot with a Digital SLR or mirrorless camera from A DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you the best picture quality and the versatility needed for a variety of images and lighting situations. Make sure you have a large memory card installed so you don’t run out of room in the middle of shooting. Having a few extra memory cards stashed away in your camera bag is always a good idea just in case. After all, your baby only graduates once! As for your choice of lens? You can never go wrong with a nifty fifty, 50mm lens, when shooting portraits. It goes without saying, have your tripod on hand. You may be shedding a few tears during this photoshoot. The tripod will help steady your camera.

The Where and When
When photographing, lighting is everything. When possible, natural light is the best type of lighting to use to achieve the best results. If you’re shooting your graduation photos outdoors, it’s best not to shoot during the midday hours. The harsh sunlight will cast odd shadows on your graduate. Try shooting during the golden hour. The hour right before sunset, or right after sunrise to give your graduate a warm, flattering glow. When shooting your graduate photography indoors, do so next to a window so the light falls gently on their face.


Lights, Camera ACTION
Take this graduation photoshoot beyond the usual still shots to a more personal level. Create a video, or a few videos. This smallest cinema line camera will help you compile videos that you can later post online, or show during your family graduation party. You can feel confident that your videos of your graduate’s favorite memories of school will come out beautiful.

Thank Yous
In-person graduation parties may be impossible this year. That won’t deter friends and family from sending graduation gifts to your graduate anyway. Instead of sending a simple handwritten thank you card, have your graduate show their appreciation by making it more personal. Use the Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera to snap shots of your grad opening graduation gifts. Slip in the 2” x 3” photo of the opening of the corresponding gift with the thank you card being sent. The gift giver may not be able to be there in person, but they can at least see the excitement on the graduate’s face when opening their gift!

Whether it’s your child’s preschool graduation or college graduation, these tips will help you take memorable graduation photos at home.
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