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Insta Block? What to Post on Instagram

Insta Block? What to Post on Instagram

The absolute best way to gain and keep followers engaged on Instagram is to post consistently. It’s not always easy to come up with content or feature a beautiful image each and every day. Here are some ideas of what to post to Instagram when you get a case of Insta Block. A decision-maker picture If you can’t decide between two things like shoes, purses, or cell phones, snap both and let your followers decide. purp Completed books Done with a book? Snap a shot. It might even get you to read more! mugCharitable post Instagram can be used for good, too. Post about your favorite charity. Reflections in a puddle After rain, there are always good reflections to be found in shallow puddles.  Remember to keep the aperture on your DSLR from set to a low number when shooting. grass4th of July Celebrating with fireworks and BBQ’s? Show your followers how you celebrate Independence Day. sparkBehind the scenes People love a peek of what you’re up to. Give them a glimpse of what you’re doing during your work day. What you wore Whether you take a whole #ootd (outfit of the day) photo or just a picture of your hand with your rings, people love to see other’s style. View from above Turn a boring photo into something interesting by photographing it from above looking straight down. orange Looking up We all know about looking down, what about your view looking up? This is such a cool angle and works great for buildings and landscapes. Sideways Take a different view and only show part of the image or take a different angle. This gives your followers a unique perspective. Collage Try out Instagram’s seamless way to combine multiple photos that perfectly fit Instagram called “Layout”. Animals Who would ever NOT like a picture of a dog?

On my bed You don’t need to get out of bed in the morning to post something new to Instagram. Take a cozy snap from bed. Make sure that you get full light so the image won’t come out too grainy or unclear.

Focus in With the new iPhones and your Point and Shoot camera from, you can focus on one part of the image and actually blur the background. This makes for a great shot, and lets people see the details on the object at hand, or in your hand. Window view This is a cool twist on what you’d normally snap. This can incorporate the actual window or just show off your view. Next time you get stuck when trying to think of something to post to Instagram, you’ll have this list of ideas to grab the attention of your followers.  Don’t forget to add hashtags to go with them.
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