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Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the special mom in your life. What better gift can you give the woman who brought you or your children into the world than special photos of mother and her child. Here are some Mother’s Day photoshoot ideas that will help you capture the love between mother and child. A Mother’s Day photoshoot is a win-win because you get an irreplaceable gift, and you get to spend special time together as a family on Mom’s special day.

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Recreate the Past

This Mother’s Day photoshoot idea will help your mom reminisce about days gone by. Search through old photos from your childhood for a special photo of your mom with yourself or whatever member of the family you are photographing. Recreate the photo from the past with as much detail as possible. This includes the pose, clothing, expressions and gestures, and the location if possible. You can have your mom holding the original photograph in the new shot to show the recreation, or just frame the two photos side-by-side.


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get all of the moms in your life together. There are a variety of shots you can take of these special women with your digital camera from Try capturing a few candid images of the women and children having lunch, sharing a favorite read-aloud, or looking through old photos. For a more formal Mother’s Day multi-generation image, have all the members of this group wear similar outfits. Muted colors along with soft lighting works well, and will be flattering for all ages. For a formal portrait idea, place the family members in order by age- youngest to oldest. Capture the faces in profile of all generations. For a dramatic effect, shoot this photo in a dark room using a soft box in the front and off to the side of the subjects.

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Mother and Child

What could be more special than meaningful photos of mother and child. There are endless possibilities for poses and settings you can use for this Mother’s Day photoshoot. If you are shooting outside, take shots of mother and child walking into the sunlight holding hands. Take full body shots as well as zooming in on just their hands with your camera from Have mother and child lie side by side on the ground facing the camera. Having their faces on the same level creates a nice image. If you are shooting indoors, try to capture candid moments where mother and child, or children, are snuggling together. Sometimes keeping the child’s attention during a Mother’s Day photoshoot requires a little bribery. Promise a milkshake after a successful photoshoot. Then snap some photos of mother and child sharing the milkshake with two straws!

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Make Mother’s Day special by creating these lasting memories using these sweet Mother’s Day photoshoot ideas. 

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