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Take Better Nature Photos

Take Better Nature Photos

One of the best ways to truly see the nature and wildlife that surrounds us is through the lens of a camera. Whether you've been toting your camera on hikes for years, love to photograph the birds at your backyard feeder or are just getting started, we have photo tips that will inspire you to get outside, camera in hand!

Take Better Nature Photos

Sharper Images

There’s nothing more disappointing for a nature photographer than coming upon the perfect subject in the perfect setting and failing to get a sharp photograph. Here are a couple of tips to help ensure your images don’t come out fuzzy. The best way to minimize movement is to use a good tripod. If you don’t have a tripod with you, try holding your camera with two hands instead of just one when shooting. Also, bring your elbows into the sides of your chest as you gently squeeze the shutter. You need to watch your shutter speed. If your photos are not sharp, shoot at a faster shutter speed.


Composition is about communication and how you show off a subject to your viewers. Good composition helps the viewer understand the subject, color, design, light, or a story about the world. It is what helps people to “get it” when they look at your photos. So by getting a grasp on composition of your nature photos, you will create better photos. One way to do this is to ask yourself what your photo is all about. What is actually in your photograph along with your subject? A good way to do this is to use your LCD on your camera from Look at the photo and see what it is all about making sure that there isn’t anything in the photo that will confuse the viewer about what the subject is doing.

Get a little closer

Macro photography is very popular, especially when photographing nature. There are some advantages to using a macro lens to capture this type of image.  However, if you haven’t purchased one of those yet, you can still get really great close up shots by using a close-up lens or filter from These are highly corrected lenses that screw into the front of your lens.

Take Better Nature Photos

Start in your own backyard

You don’t have to hike through the woods, or climb the highest mountains to photograph nature. You can actually do it from the comfort of your home! What’s easier than photographing nature in your own backyard? When shooting from inside, follow these easy tips and nobody will ever suspect you weren’t actually outside shooting. Darken the room as much as possible to help reduce reflections from the glass. If you have storm windows, it’s best to remove the outer storm window before attempting to take photos. Finally, before taking a picture, look through the camera’s viewfinder to make sure you’re happy with the background that will be included in the scene.

Take Better Nature Photos

Now get out your camera and tripod and head out to the great outdoors for some fantastic nature shots of creatures both large and small, rivers and streams, flowers and trees, or sit inside your home and take photos of the wonders of nature found in your own backyard.

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