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Taking Self-Portraits when You’re Traveling Solo

Taking Self-Portraits when You’re Traveling Solo

Traveling on your own is a fun way to have new experiences and expand your boundaries without worrying about synchronizing multiple people’s wants and needs. It’s just not that great when you need an extra pair of hands to snap a quick picture for the memories. Luckily, technology makes travel self-documentation much easier. Here are some of the top tips for taking great travel photos as a solo traveler.

Stop Caring What Others Think

You need to decide not to care if people look at you and judge because you’re posing or running to get in place for a timer selfie. The less you care, the better the photos turn out. The downside of leaving a place with no photos of yourself in it is greater than the temporary awkwardness you might feel from the stares of a few perfect strangers.

Set Up a Tripod

Bringing a tripod is a tip for amazing photos even if you’re not traveling solo. But if you want steady photos, they’re a must. Tripods will help you avoid the blur of out of focus or unsteady shots.

Taking Self-Portraits when You’re Traveling Solo

Use a Selfie Stick

Yes, using one may look silly, but selfie sticks are still incredibly useful for taking pictures on your own! By extending the range between the camera and yourself further than a natural human arm span, it allows the frame of the photo to be expanded. This way you’ll be able to fit more of the background into your photo and you won’t come home with a million unflattering close-up photos of yourself.

Attach a GoPro

Looking for the perfect action shot? Or do you want your video and photos to come from a first-hand perspective? Then attaching a GoPro from to your gear while you surf, ski, bike, or even bungee jump can be a great way to capture the experience.

Taking Self-Portraits when You’re Traveling Solo

Get a Remote

Many cameras like the Canon 7D Mark II from, have the capability to let you use your phone as a remote control. This allows you to see exactly what the camera sees before pressing the button. If you don’t want your phone in your hand for the photo, set it to a 10-second timer and put the phone down or in your pocket. If your camera doesn’t have the phone capability, get a small remote and take photos with that.

Ask a Stranger

Ask someone with a DSLR camera around their neck to take your photo. Chances are better that they’ve learned how to use it properly. This person is also unlikely to run off with your camera if they already have one. Best practice is to offer to take a photo for that person before asking. Maybe they’ll even offer back without you needing to ask! Ask them to hold it in that exact position and take it for you. Compose the shot before you even ask, and tell them exactly what you plan to do in it so that all of the artistic direction is already dictated by you and not by them.

Do Something in the Photo

In order to feel more comfortable in photos, do something silly. Dance, do yoga, frolic, or jump in your photos. It actually helps with relaxing in front of the camera.

Taking Self-Portraits when You’re Traveling Solo

Hopefully these tips will help you embrace the selfie and see that it’s not a vain way to take travel photos.

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