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Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips

Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips

Thanksgiving is the time for family to come together and enjoy delicious food and family traditions. It’s also the perfect time to take some awesome creative food photography in the kitchen while baking with the family. Taking creative food photography of your family as they pile food onto their plates can be fun too. Here are some Thanksgiving food photo tips to help you create and capture this delicious holiday feast.

Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips

Use Proper Lighting

The best lighting for your Thanksgiving food photos will always be natural light. If you’re having Thanksgiving lunch, take advantage of the light nature provides by placing the food right next to a window for beautiful food photography. If you’re Thanksgiving dinner takes place after dark, use diffused lighting to bring out the real colors of your dish. When using an external flash, bounce the light from the ceiling or the wall to create shadows. This will give your Thanksgiving dishes more dimension creating beautiful food photography.

Style Your Table

You want the Thanksgiving food to steal the show. Use neutral-colored tableware, placemats, and coasters to make the food stand out. If you want to add some bokeh effects using the Sigma 56mm Contemporary Lens for Sony E-Mount to the Thanksgiving food photos, try adding some string lights to the table or centerpiece. You can garnish the Thanksgiving food to add some visual impact. Don’t forget to glaze the turkey after you remove it from the Deco Chef Countertop Toaster Oven w/ Built-in Air Fryer from with some oil to create more mouthwatering Thanksgiving food photos. Most importantly, clean up any crumbs that may be distracting for your viewers. After you put all this work into making sure the dining room table looks just right, you’re ready to to take some beautiful food photography of the table with dinner prepared.

Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips

Don’t Forget Dessert

Thanksgiving Day desserts can be masterpieces all by themselves. Don’t forget about the dessert table when shooting your Thanksgiving food photos. Once you’re finished shooting your beautiful food photography, treat yourself to an extra slice of pie!

Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips

Find the Right Angle

Add variety to your Thanksgiving food photos by taking creative food photography of the food at different angles. Taking creative food photography of detailed salads, like Aunt Jane’s famous Waldorf salad? Try shooting a flat lay shot. Shoot Thanksgiving food photos looking from the top down when capturing the table spread. Shoot the beautiful food photography at a slightly higher angle when accentuating an entire plate or dish.

Don’t Forget Family

Thanksgiving is mostly about spending time with your loved ones, so don’t forget to feature them in your photos. Take candid shots of your family enjoying the dinner and laughing together as they eat. Capture the excitement as Dad slices into that delicious turkey. Featuring people enjoying the stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie can add that personal touch to your Thanksgiving food photos.

Thanksgiving Food Photography Tips

Vary Your Focal Lengths

Utilizing different focal lengths for your Thanksgiving food photos will allow you to show the entire scene, part of the scene, and just a tiny portion of the scene. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and use your lenses from in unconventional ways. Instead of using the wide angle lens to photograph the entire dinner table, try a close up shot of part of the table. This will produce a fascinating distortion. Want to really get up and personal with your cranberry salad? Take macro food photography shots using a Tamron 18-400mm All-in-One Zoom Lens for Nikon Mount to capture the finer details of your Thanksgiving Day feast. Make the most of Thanksgiving this year by grabbing your camera and a few different lenses to create some holiday memories with these creative food photography tips!

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