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Tips to Improve Your Spring Photography

Tips to Improve Your Spring Photography

Spring officially arrives in just a few days. It’s time to dust off that camera and your lenses and get outside to shoot some bright and cheery spring photography. Since you may be a little rusty, here are some great tips to improve your spring photography.

Add a Little Flare

Most of the time, you probably try do everything you can to avoid sun flare when shooting outdoors. When shooting spring photography, intentionally adding a little sun flare can actually give your images a light and airy feeling. When you’re trying to add some artistic flare to your spring photography, simply position the camera so that the sun is just peeking out from behind something like a tree or the top of a hill. Shoot in raw format so you are able to underexpose a bit to allow the flare to show up better. Finally, shoot with a small aperture on your Tamron 18-200mm All-in-One Zoom Lens from

Tips to Improve Your Spring Photography

Choose One Subject

With all of the new subjects emerging in the spring, it may be hard to narrow your focus on just one object when photographing. It’s extremely important not to include too much stuff in your image. One way to avoid this mistake is to get close, really close, to your subject. Once you have taken your close up shot, check your image carefully. Make sure there isn’t anything unnecessary or distracting included in the frame. If you are taking spring photographs of cherry blossoms, you may not want the field of yellow daisies in the park behind the trees to distract from the pink blossoms on the tree. There’s nothing more distracting in an image of a large, natural field of tulips than the tail of a huge jet in the top corner of the image. If you see any unwanted extras in your frame, just get closer, or use your lens to zoom in tighter.

Tips to Improve Your Spring Photography

Check Out the Background

It isn’t going to matter how carefully you have chosen your beautiful spring subject if you have a distracting background. The direction in which you aim your camera can make all the difference in how your viewer sees your spring photograph. Once you find the object for your spring photograph, you may have to simply change your position so you don’t include any unwanted objects or contrast in your image.

Tips to Improve Your Spring Photography

Change Your Perspective

Want to make your spring photographs really stand out from the crowd? Try choosing camera angles that are different than how you normally see the world. Most people don’t spend their lives crawling around on the ground. Take your spring photography up a few notches by getting down and dirty. Get down on the ground and shoot everything from the creepy crawlies to floral groundcover. Break out your Sigma 18-300 Macro Lens to really get up close and personal and show your viewers the details of spring as it comes to life. Give your viewers a birds-eye view as well by taking some spring photography with your drone from A drone gives you access to pretty much every shooting angle you can imagine. Use these spring photography tips to get the best out of this season.

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