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What to Gift Someone Who Loves Photography?

What to Gift Someone Who Loves Photography?

Everyone knows that photography can be an expensive hobby. So with that in mind, consider buying a gift for a photographer friend of yours to make them feel special. Here are some of the best gifts for photographer lovers.

Photography Gifts

Mobile Photo Printer

Let your photographer make prints on the go with this rechargeable battery powered printer. They can create 2x3 prints anywhere from parties to barbecues with this Canon IVY Mini Mobile Photo Printer from

Photography Gifts

Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is something that you only truly start respecting once you’ve used one, so it makes a great gift for a budding photographer. It’s inexpensive, small, and can be very useful.

DSLR Cleaning Kit

If you find your photographer friend cleaning their lenses with their shirts or tissues, maybe they need a cleaning kit. They come in a variety of combinations containing lens brushes, dust blowers, cleaning solution and lens tissue paper. Clean sensors lead to clean images. It’s a genius gift for photographers.

A Quadcopter

If your friend loves both gadgets and photography, then a drone from with a high definition or 4k camera is bound to get them excited. It will allow them to take aerial photos, make awesome videos, and much more. The photographer in your life will love you forever.

Camera Flash Gels

This is one of the most fun gifts for photographers. The universal camera flash gels set from Deco Gear includes a whopping 20 gels. Everything a photographer needs to add dynamic, dramatic color to backgrounds or selected portions of a scene.

A Nifty Fifty

Every camera maker has a nifty fifty in their lens collection. This is a fast, lightweight, and affordable 50mm prime lens. Granted, this may not be a great gift if the recipient is a professional and already has a ton of lenses, but it’s one of the best gift ideas for beginner photographers.


Not sure what to buy a photographer? Tripods are portable, flexible, and can hold everything from point & shoot cameras to larger professional DSLRs. They stand strong and are made to last, giving photographers the ability to look at things from a myriad of perspectives.

Photography Gifts

Fujifilm Instax Mini

Okay, so a Fujifilm Instant Camera isn’t going to replace anybody’s professional camera. But if you’re looking for cool gift ideas that will provide tons of entertainment for seasoned photographers and aspiring beginners alike, a Fujifilm Mini is the way to go.

Underwater Camera

Gifts for photographers don’t get much more fun than this. An underwater camera will open up a whole new world for photographers, whether that involves scuba diving in the ocean or taking a dip in the neighborhood pool. Talk about getting your feet wet.

Underwater Camera Housing

While underwater cameras are a fun and versatile tool for hobbyists and beginners, you might not have it in your budget to buy an underwater camera that will cut it for professional use. But an underwater camera housing is less likely to break the bank and allows photographers to use their own professional-grade cameras below the water line.

Light Reflector Kit

When it comes to great gifts for photographers, there are some options you just can’t go wrong with. Just about every photographer needs a light reflector kit. And if they already have one, they could probably use another.

Camera Strap

Most photographers have more than one camera, but they may just switch one camera strap back and forth between all of the cameras. That is why a camera strap makes a great gift for photography lovers.

Photography Gifts

Transcend Portable SSD

Photographers find it really hard to store all the photos they’ve taken on their computer’s hard drive. A portable SSD can make a world of difference, which is why this is such a good gift for a photographer.

Fast Memory Card

It can be a pain for a photographer to wait while their faster one! These gifts for photography lovers can help you make your photographer friends happy. So when deciding what to buy a photographer for the holidays this year, get them something they’ll actually use to get better at what they do.

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