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Back to School With All The Right Gear

Back to School With All The Right Gear

As summer comes to a close, there’s no escaping the dread (or treasure) of thinking about how it’s time to prepare for another new school year. Kids grow up too quickly so these moments should be very important to you. It’s a beautiful thing sending your baby on the bus their first day of school, but before you know it, they will be a small kiddo entering middle school, a teenager in high school, or a young adult moving out to college. Each year you have the chance to make it the best back to school end of summer for you and your child by setting them up for success with the best back to school gear and lots of love.

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School Shopping

Before you get started shopping for back to school supplies, you need to know what to get. Every student is different with their own set of needs and every school and curriculum is different which could also have its own special demands. Once you identify all the common and uncommon items your child needs for school, you can then begin to create your school supplies list.

Rather than providing you a long list of staple items you send all kids to school with such as pencil cases, highlighters, and erasers, the focus will be on younger adults studying in high school and college students. These are the ones who usually need a little bit of extra attention as their academics become more intricate. Let’s look at a few usual and unusual items that will support your child with the flexibility in knowing that they have what they need to succeed regardless of the tasks or challenges of which they are bound to face.

Personal Laptop Computer

With more schools and teachers incorporating computers into their every day curriculums, teachings, and assignments, a laptop is one of the best motivators and efficient tools for productivity. It is surely something that every young adult and college student needs and offers a tremendous amount of benefits.

  • Access to school workloads, recourses like libraries, dictionaries, and a plethora of other educational tools that can be related to their studies. Additionally, specific academic studies require computer software that utilize spreadsheets, creating and editing documents, as well as art tools.

  • Provides the ability to quickly take, organize, and file notes during class, when working alone, or when working in a group.

  • Ability to network with other computers, share studies, work on projects with classmates, and communicate with other students and teachers.

  • Entertainment. School can be very challenging, stressful, and downright grueling. It’s very important that students get to relax and reset in between workloads. Computers allow students to watch shows, play games, and listen to music. In dorm settings, laptops can also be used to entertain and relax with your friends.

Microsoft Surface Laptops are some of the best laptops for students. It is true that your child may ask for a MacBook that syncs with their Apple iPhone and iPad, however keep in mind that most school computers will be using windows operating system tools and compatible software. Chromebooks are also fantastic for students. but if you want them to have something more powerful that will enhance their productivity while also providing them entertainment, then Surface products are where you should be shopping.


Why are Surface Laptops great?

  • Design - Besides its slim, modern, ergonomic, and lightweight build that is comfortable to hold, operate, it’s easily portable, with excellent touchscreen and tablet hybrid options.

  • Specifications - Surface products are considered among an elite class of personal computers by one of the largest dominant companies in the history of computing. Surface laptops provides you with lightning fast processing, bright and colorful display screens, outstanding battery and power performance, full size USB ports with the ability to use a USB-C as a charger and USB-C video support. Of course these Surface products also support Bluetooth to allow connection to your child’s favorite speakers or headphones while the webcam allows your them to stay connected with family and friends or work on school projects via webcam video.

High Speed Wi-Fi Router

Boost your child’s online productivity with a super fast Wi-Fi network. With many online school projects, classes, and assignments, a student can really benefit from the faster speed you can get from upgrading your internet router. The Google Wifi Mesh Network System Router is a great choice to add to your home or child’s dorm. Thanks to its mesh Wi-Fi system, this router uses multiple Wi-Fi points to create stronger, faster, more reliable connections. With this Wi-Fi router, you will have a buffer-less experience when making video calls or streaming 4k video. This is a very easy system to install and setup and provides up to 1500 square feet of coverage. You can manage its network right from your phone and there are also parental control features which may come in handy if you need to keep your child focused from distractions.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Believe it or not, a good pair of noise cancelling headphones can be one of the best buys for those trying to maintain their focus on school work. Besides for offering peace and relaxation when listening to music or watching something entertaining, noise cancelling headphones will without surprise, cancel any unwanted external noise. This means when it’s time to deep dive into studies, you can put on your headphones and not be distracted by any noise or commotion that may be happening around you. This is especially great for dorm life or if you have a fairly large or loud family at home. There are many headphones choose from and all will work quite well (for the most part). If you’re looking for the best sound / noise cancelling features, check out the Sony XM5 which is considered to have the best noise cancelling, phone call clarity, and transparency modes (when noise cancelling is turned off so to speak and you can hear what’s going on around you thanks to the 8 external mics. It’s an amazing pair of headphones with spectacular audio quality too).


I know this is a common item that is on everyone’s lists, but a proper backpack for school is important enough to mention. This goes back to everyone is different with their own set of needs. Not every child is the same size and able to comfortably carry around everything that’s needed for school without injury (these bags can get heavy). Most students will need to fit in their books, laptop, lunch boxes, along with tons of other school supplies so compartments and space is just as important as comfort. Since bookbags get tossed around, you may be interested something leak proof to protect their electronics and school books from an accident with water bottles or an exploding hand sanitizer. The comfort, size and storage are all things to factor when purchasing a backpack. As a side note pertaining backpacks, there are a lot of students and their bags can all start to look the same. Consider adding a few cool stickers to it so your child can easily distinguish theirs from other students’ bags.


Do Something Special

Lastly, do something special to celebrate the occasion. Take your kid out shopping with you and squeeze in a movie or something fun. Take pictures when you send them off. Give them an experience to remember. Not only will it provide a sense of support and happiness for them, but it will also help set the tone for them to remember how important school is and how serious they have to take it.

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