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Creative First Day of School Picture Ideas

Creative First Day of School Picture Ideas

School is back! Whether you’re going off to college or a parent dressing up your little one in a cute outfit, going back to school or attending a first day of school can be a big deal. Before you send them off into their little or growing world, let’s take a few moments to think about ways to capture the memory on camera. After all, the kiddos grow up too fast and having some high quality pics of their back to school seasons is a really fun way to record their evolution in life.

back to school

Family Photos

Let’s just get this classic out of the way. Sure it may seem boring, but it is an essential photograph that can be enjoyed forever. Seriously, these will stand the test of time. Whether it’s their first school year ever or going into high school and college, this photoshoot is for everyone and everyone should be included, so don’t be shy of inviting extended family like grandpa and grandma as well. Looking back, you will relish in these classic yet iconic keepsake images. These photos will also serve you well as awesome greetings or invite cards for holidays, birthdays, and get togethers that require invitation.

  • Find a nice backdrop, make sure everyone is dressed well and groomed

  • Consider using props like a backpack or lunchbox to reflect the theme of going back to school, but also take some images without props for a cleaner more classic option

  • Take candid photos of the playful interactions with family members during the goodbye hugs, kisses, and waves.

    back to school

Back to School Pictures for Younger Children

It shouldn’t be a surprise that going to school may be more important to a 7 year old going into 1st grade than a teenager going off to high school or college. The smaller your world is, the bigger its factors can effect it. So, going to school for a young child is pretty monumental occasion which is why parents tend to make a bigger deal out of it. Plus, these events are too cute to ignore.

Here are some fun ideas for first day of school photos.

  • First Day of school sign

Have your child pose for this adorable picture while wearing their backpack and walking out the front door. This can be shot from indoors showing their exit, but can also be shot from outdoors showing them entering into a new world. This is a very meaningful photo of your child. These types of pictures only grow better with age. We have all had some joy reviewing our old school photos. There free printable signs you can DIY on the computer at home, although a chalkboard sign which you can handprint large font or a letter board would be ideal. You can be creative or streamline the content on the sign but consider that it will be in the picture forever.

  • School Bus Handoff

Stepping on the bus for the first time is a great experience for a child while symbolizing their entry into a social setting amongst their fellow miniature peers. Capturing this moment on camera is iconic in many ways, not to mention cute. Shoot some images waiting for the bus together from different angles, front and back. Consider the depth of field of your shot for wide angle to include the incoming bus as well as an up close portrait or two of them onboarding up the bus stairs. Your friends on social media will adore these fun back to school pics.

  • Future Honors student

Really good kids do exist and if your child is one of them, you will love this first day of school photo idea. The concept is to portray the perfect student. For this photoshoot, you should shoot outdoors with bushes, trees, flowers, or grass. Essentially within nature. Use school photo props like a chair, an apple for the teacher, and their favorite books to create different poses of them being a really good student and child. Feel free to add context to your photo like a first day of school sign too.

  • Big & Little Siblings

There are many fun school ideas for this setup and should be easy to show the love between siblings. This picture can demonstrate the little one is going off to school but the older sibling will keep them safe. Take candid shots of them getting ready and preparing for the day. Have the older sibling tie their little siblings shoes while their wearing backpacks with the bus in the background. Let them walk on the sidewalk towards school, leaving the house, or while getting on the bus while holding hands and capture that magnificently in a wide angled shot from different angles and from up close.

This is also a great opportunity for photobooth style shots by using instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax. You kids will be able to instantly print their pictures to share with each other and with friends. Consider letting the older sibling bring it to school for intraday shots they can bring home and add to your back to school photobook.

  • School Supplies & Sidewalk Art

If there is no denying your kids artistic qualities than this may be a fun first day of school idea for them. Once the kids are dressed and ready, setup some of their school supplies as props and use sidewalk chalk to let them play until it’s school time. Give them projects to draw like abcs, math problems, or even some cute sketches of a school bus. Photograph them while drawing and playing and include these drawings into your frame when sending it’s time to see them off.

Cameras to shoot the best first day of school pictures

Sony Alpha 6700 APS-C

This is one of the absolute best new cameras that recently came out and won’t break the bank either. This is the type of camera every family should own. The tech is current with amazing specs and design which translates into longevity of use while always producing high quality images and video. Let’s check out some highlights.

  • 26 effective megapixel CMOS sensor for high quality images powered by BIONZ XR Image Processor

  • Highly sensitive and accurate camera exposure and focusing settings

  • 5-Axis Pixel-Level Image Stabilization

  • Super powerful automatic exposure, real time tracking, and focusing functionality

  • 4K recording at up to 120 frames per second and FHD Full HD 1920x1080p in 120 FPS & Slow motion video capturing

  • Built in two channel stereo recording mics to provide accurate sound reproduction as you shoot video recordings

  • Outstanding power performance

Of course you will need to own at least one or two different types of lenses. This way you can get the exact shot you envision regardless of the photoshoot conditions. There is a deal on Tamron Lenses for students right now that is too good to pass up.

Minolta Night Vision Camcorder

For all the old school home video people out there, you may really enjoy the Minolta MN2K50NV 2.7K Quad HD / 48 MP IR Night Vision Camcorder. It looks old school even though it’s not, and it is really easy to operate. It offers great picture and video quality while still featuring specs like zoom, anti-shake, and infrared night vision.

  • Capture 48MP still photos & Record 2.7K 30fps Quad HD video

  • 2.7K Quad HD Video Resolution captures video in 2.7K Quad HD at 24fps or 1080p Full HD at 60fps

  • 16X Digital Zoom, Infrared Night Vision Mode, Intelligent scene modes, Timelapse, Photo Burst, Face Detection, Color Filters, Scene Modes and more

  • Advanced built-in image stabilization system helps prevent blur caused by camera shake and vibration, so your photos come out clean and polished every time.

Send them off with Love

Whether it’s your child’s first or last day of school, doing small things to show your support will be everlasting to them. Don’t make this the last year they want to take pictures of going to school. Have fun with them and let them enjoy it enough that they will look forward to it next year too.

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