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Best Action Cameras this Summer

Best Action Cameras this Summer

Action cameras sounds like something you may not need if you’re not involved in official media production, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, social media influencers know exactly what an action camera is, but do you?


What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is a specially designed camera that is compact, durable, and waterproof. These action cams are ideal for recording video during movement and can withstand a lot of abuse. Due to the typical size of action cameras, it has the ability to be worn on your body or be mounted in a gimbal during movement or “action”. This allows the videographer to record immersive real life scenes at ease and generally hands free. Combined with the advanced optical technology we have today, action cams showcase amazing specs while remaining lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket.

These awesome little cameras have number of amazing qualities that can benefit the most seasoned professional vlogger or your average Dad looking to make some home recordings playing with his family at the park. Action cameras are perfect for capturing every day life events and experiences while producing an immersive visual experience for the viewer.

Best Wearable & Mountable Action Cameras

It’s summer (woot!), which means there are lots of outdoor adventures, escapades, and activities to experience. Owning an action cam will help you capture those awesome scenes from your mountain biking trail, or show off your stylish fashion choices while vlogging your shopping trip to the mall. Let’s highlight our top action camera and why it’s such an amazing choice.

dji action camera

Topping off the list is the of the most versatile and innovative action cameras you can find with DJI’s Action 2. Everything about the DJI Action 2 screams of high quality and unprecedented video capabilities. From its superb video resolutions and video stabilization, to the broad selection of interchangeable and adaptive magnetic modules, the Action 2 combines versatility, innovation, and power.

Featuring an amazing imaging system including a 1/1.7-inch sensor allows for 4k/120fps video while the super wide-angle lens with 155 degree field of view enables your shots to include your surroundings to create incredibly immersive viewing for your audience. The Action 2 also showcases a new Color Temperature Sensor which will restore true colors when shooting in low light, harsh light, and even when shooting underwater. Yes, underwater! No matter how you intend to use it, the robust Action 2 is dust proof, waterproof, and drop proof.

Included in the Action 2 is DJI’s patented RockSteady 2.0, which offers hypersmooth video quality with its electronic image stabilization and will keep your shots “rock steady” every time. There are a plethora of amazing features that will make action shots even smoother such as Slow Motion, Hyperlapse & Timelapse, Quickclip (great for recording shorts), Livestream, and HorizonSteady which keeps your camera level no matter how the physical camera itself may be tilted. You can also use the Action 2 as a UVC or USB video device class which is ideal for conference calls, gaming broadcasts, virtual meetings, and more. The Action 2 also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality.

The Action 2 gives you up to 70 minutes of battery life. What makes DJI’s Action 2 so special are its interchangeable and adaptive magnetic module accessories. You will get up to 160 minutes of recording when connected to the Front Touchscreen Module, and a whopping 180 minutes when attached to the power module. In case you need more audio power to compliment the powerful microphone built into the unit, the Front Touchscreen Module also includes DJI Matrix Stereo technology in addition to the extra 90 minutes of battery life. The Front Touchscreen Module adds 3 more microphones to record audio from every direction.

The broad selection of compatible modules include;

  • Action 2 Front Touchscreen module - Front facing OLED touchscreen with 3 built in mics to enhance selfie audio recording and increases the battery life to 160 minutes

  • Action 2 Power Module - Gives up to 180 minutes of power while adding an additional microSD card port.

Plus, there are multiple wearable and mountable modules like the Action 2 Magnetic Lanyard, Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount, Magnetic Adapter Mount, a floating handle for use in water, and a Remote Control Extension Rod which can be used as an extension rod(or selfie stick), tripod, or detachable remote control. Record amazing first person video using the Action 2 Magnetic Headband.

The Action 2 compact camera even has a method for interchangeable lenses with the Action 2 Macro Lens for those amazing close ups. Add a DJI Mic with wireless connectivity and a dual channel recording system featuring a transmission range that can reach up to 250 meters away. There is also an Action Waterproof case with waterproof housing which allows water depth up to 60 meters for when you’re using the Action 2 with the Front Touchscreen or Power modules.

Most Fun Waterproof cameras

Hitting up the beach or pool during the hot summer is one of the best ways to cool off and also can provide some amazing photo opportunities. You definitely don’t want to bring your expensive Sony, Nikon, and Canon professional HDR mirrorless cameras to the beach unless you’re on official business, so you’re going to need a camera more geared to the occasion. Although you can use your apple iphone to snap decent photos, you never want it to get wet, and it’s not really that much fun using your smartphone as an official camera. That’s why every family should have one waterproof camera that can withstand the abuse of liquids and durable enough to avoid possible damage when children are using it.

action camera

Minolta 48 MP Dual Screen 2.7K Ultra HD Waterproof Digital Camera

This waterproof camera has great image quality (for the type of camera and money) with 48 megapixel resolution and 2.7K Quad HD video in 30fps. It is perfectly protected from water up to 10 feet deep, and has a SD/SDXC memory card slot for simplified file transfers. The 2 inch front and 3 inch back LCD screen lets you shoot or record the perfect selfies or lets your subject see themselves as your capturing them. The Minolta Dual Screen Waterproof digital camera is simple for anyone in the family to use, shoots great pictures, records memories on video, all at a rather inexpensive price. This is a winner.

Best Action Cam that’s not an actual Action Cam

It’s funny because action cameras are considered to be compact, lightweight and versatile enough to keep on your person or mount in unique locations. However, even then action cams still have limitations. But what if I told you that there was something else that can snap amazing still images or record immersive footage that would be unattainable by any other type of camera...

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone Quadcopter Kit + RC Smart Remote Controller + Accessory Bundle

Packed with ability and power within a compact, lightweight design, DJI’s Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro can capture some of the most amazing film from the most difficult to reach places. Whether you set one of its many shooting features to follow your path as you cycle a trail or use it to check your roof after a bad storm, there are tremendous benefits and practical uses for personal drones. The DJI mini 3 is amazing for several reasons. First, it weighs less than 249g so it won’t need to be registered and is small enough to fit in your pocket. More importantly though is it’s ability to capture HDR 4K video at 60fps and 48 megapixel images while the vast number of shooting features will let you get 360 degree camera, panoramic, and time lapse views to name a few.

Drones are great for capturing memories, especially during summer when everyone is outside. Imagine filming your kids little league game, or just having fun flying it around taking cool video and interesting pictures you would never be able to get without a drone. The DJI Mini 3 Pro has a really good safety system to protect it from potential crashes and collisions with its tri-directional obstacle sensors so you don’t have to worry about using it to its fullest potential. Plus, popularity for drones has skyrocketed recently, so drones are not as expensive as they used to be. Actually, they’ve become quite affordable with many different models and price ranges. The Mini 3 Pro is a low to mid priced personal drone, but shares features and specs of a top tier drone. It is also one of our most popular drones.

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