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Lexar Memory SD Card Benefits

Lexar Memory SD Card Benefits

Memory cards are an important part of electronic devices, providing storage space, transfer speeds, read speeds and write speeds to store, upload and transfer your files. Todays memory cards are very versatile and the technology has evolved over the years. If you own a DSLR camera or point and shoot camera from Nikon or Sony for example, having the compatible memory card for your device can make a ton of difference during long photography sessions such as Vlogging. Even smartphones (typically running Android OS) and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch all accept microsd cards.

Lexar memory cards (like Kingston, Samsung or Sandisk Ultra memory cards) have a long standing history in the beginner and high-end microsd memory card lineup. Whether you are looking for high read speeds and write speeds, a high capacity card, top video speed class and the right amount of storage capacity you will need, there is the correct memory card for you. This is especially helpful if you are a Vlogger or Content Creator needing fast speeds for uploads to your social media site of choice, and a large amount of storage space for those extra long vlogging sessions. If your memory card can record in a sequential manner, you will be able to search for your content without having to do so randomly while searching through your storage in your memory card. This is a nice feature to have as opposed to sending valuable time searching through the storage on the memory card for the image or video you are attempting to find.


When operating an action camera or a general digital camera, having the right SD card to pair with it is crucial. You will want to ensure that your device has compatibility (including the proper card slot) with the card type that you are purchasing. Generally, the card slots are in-camera or if you own GoPro like an action camera, the card slots will likely be similar. We also recommend that if you are trying to use your memory card in a Windows PC, that you check for compatibility with your specific PC.

Lexar Professional is line of Lexar’s top memory cards for professionals (like the sandisk extreme pro) and offer extreme high speeds amongst other tremendous specs that video professionals will want. Lexar Professional memory cards are typically uhs-ii cards rated at speeds of 312 MB/s. This is due to an extra set of pins on located on that speed of a card which allows for more data to be transferred without any reduction in read speeds or write speeds.

Another tip to keep in mind when choosing the right SD association card is the microSD has a capacity of up to 2GB and works in any microSD slot. However, the microSDHC has a capacity of more than 2GB and up to 32GB. It is compatible with memory slots in your device that supports either SDHC or SDXC memory cards. When purchasing a microsd card, your card will fit into the accompanying adapter made for larger card readers (like in a camera). As previously mentioned, the smaller microsd cards can be used in todays compatible smartphones for expanded storage.

There is a newer type of memory card called the cfexpress. This is a super speed card which differs from your standard SD card. CFexpress™ Type A cards are rated Video Performance Guarantee 400 (VPG 400), which guarantees minimum write speeds of 400 MB/s. This is up to 6 times the speed and performance of a UHS-ii card. However, these cards are typically much more expensive than your standard UHS-ii card and if you want to go in an even more economical direction, you can chose a UHS-i rated card. Please be aware there will be a speed drop off from a UHS rated card to a cfexpress card.

Let’s review some of our picks and specs of SD, SDXC memory cards, including speed ratings, easier workflow, smoother playback and transfer speeds during and after your video recording.

Lexar Professional 633x SDXC Memory Card

Lexar Professional 633x 64GB UHS-1 Class 10 SDXC Memory Card is a great entry point to the Lexar professional series of memory cards. With UHS speed class, great flash memory and can record full HD video and even 4K high quality stills and video recordings.

  • Provides blazing read transfer speed of up to 95MB/s

  • If you are using a DSLR camera, camcorder, or 3D camera, you'll be able to capture the latest photo and video features available for shooting high-quality images and stunning 1080p full-HD, 3D, and 4K video.

  • Continue your photo shoots for longer as this memory card is offered in different storage capacities.

  • The high-speed Lexar Professional card speeds up your workflow, so you can save time and focus on your photography and videography.

  • Professional 633x SDHC/SDXC UHS-I cards include a lifetime copy of Image Rescue software. Image Rescue can recover almost any photo and select video files, even if they've been deleted off the card or the card has been corrupted. The software is available for free download with purchase of the card from Lexar.

  • Limited lifetime warranty included.


Lexar 256 GB FLY Memory Card

Another excellent choice for a memory card for your camera or compatible device is the Lexar 256 GB FLY microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Bonus Accessories - (2-Pack). This is a two pack with ample storage space of 256 GB and allows you to have a spare back up memory card for additional content storage and long photography sessions. This is especially true, if for example, you are shooting a long Vlog and want to have the peace of mind of additional storage.

  • Amazing price point for a speedy memory card, especially in a dual package.

  • Full HD and 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) video recording with a minimum write speed all the way up to 160MB/s read, and up to 90MB/s write speed.

  • Great performance for action cameras and drones. It is important to note when discussing drones that based off your location and government regulations, certain areas require a user to be licensed by the FAA prior to being able to use your drone. Check your drone specs and local government laws.

  • Utilizes UHS-I technology to deliver read speeds up to 160MB/s as previously delineated.

  • The Lexar 256 GB FLY memory card contains a Application Performance Class 2 (A2) rating, and is great to use on your Android smartphone or tablet. Run and store apps with speed and ease, directly on the A2 memory card using an Android Adoptable storage enabled device.

  • Lexar FLY microSDCard provides the extreme durability needed to shoot stills and video and store data in a variety of elements. This card is rigorously tested, and designed to be shock, vibration and X-Ray proof. So no worries when travelling if your device with your Lexar memory cards is being read by an X-Ray machine.


Final Thoughts

All Lexar products including the aforementioned memory cards undergo rigorous and extensive research and testing in the Lexar Quality Labs. The Lexar facilities house thousands of different cameras and digital devices to test their memory cards and to ensure performance, quality, compatibility and longevity.

Also as a recap, we highly recommend purchasing a spare SD memory card or two, especially if storage is an issue for you. We have found this to be the case when shooting long videography sessions. The last thing you want to have happen during a Vlog which you hope to upload to your social media site of choice would be is to run out of storage space and not be able to complete your vlogging.

Most retailers will have a plethora of Lexar memory cards to choose from. Besides for our recommendations you should not have difficulty finding the memory card you need. Keep the different options we mentioned in mind (like storage space, compatibility with your devices and transfer speeds to name a few when choosing the right Lexar memory card for you.

*One final item to remember, if you are purchasing a mirco SD card for your Nintendo Switch, a special SD card would be required. As the Switch is not compatible with your standard micro SD card. If you have a different gaming console which allows for expanded storage via SD memory cards, please check the device’s manufacturer specs to ensure compatibility.

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