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Sony a7C II, a7CR & 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master II Lens

Sony a7C II, a7CR & 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master II Lens

Sony Electronics has done it again. They just announced two new fantastic full frame mirrorless cameras, the Sony a7C II, the a7CR and the Sony Gold Master 16-35mm GM II lens. The Gold Master lineup of Sony lenses are their top tier lenses typically in the ideal range for professional photographers and videographers. These two new cameras really improve and provide tangible upgrades from their predecessors in the Sony Alpha camera line.

Both the Sony a7C II and the Alpha a7CR come in different form factors. Meaning you can purchase the camera body only or with a compatible lens that sits on the Sony E-mount system. Because these cameras offer interchangeable lens options, you can purchase a Sony E-Mount lens or a lens from other manufacturers like Sigma, Canon RF or Tamron and attach them to these new cameras. Please bear in mind if, purchasing a lens from a manufacturer other than Sony, make sure that you have the proper mounting adapter to place those lenses on the camera.

These new cameras come with Sony’s BIONZ XR processing engine which provides beautiful image quality. Utilizing an advanced AI processing unit, these cameras now have upgraded subject tracking and recognition. This is quite the boon for landscape photographers and videographers. Fast continuous shooting of videos should be a breeze with this new AI processing unit as well.

With these new Sony cameras, the market for mid-tier priced cameras with specs that rival those of much more costly ones, just got more competitive. Sony has established itself in this niche in addition to being a class leader in high-end cameras as well.

As you will see when we get delve into these new releases, each of these cameras with their features and specs including the Sony Gold Master 16-35 GM II lens which is the world's smallest, lightest full-frame F2.8 wide-angle zoom lens may just be the right purchases for all your photography and videography needs.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty and discuss the specs for these amazing new cameras and the new Gold Master lens all from Sony.

Sony a7C II

The Sony a7CII is a full frame mirrorless camera providing upgrades over it’s predecessor in several different ways. In addition, this camera carries some of the specs, features and processing power of Sony’s larger more expensive cameras liker it’s powerful 33MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI Sensor.

Additional specs for the Sony a7C II that would make this a great camera for you are as follows:

  • The Alpha 7C II is an lightweight ergonomic camera making it perfect for carrying around in long shooting session giving the user more comfort and ease of use.

  • 33MP BSI full-frame CMOS sensor (found in powerful cameras like the Sony a7 IV).

  • Bionz XR processor which outputs more 8 times the power of it’s predecessor.

  • A new dedicated AI Processing Unit providing advanced subject recognition and tracking as well. This helps tremendously when shooting action scenes. This new AI processing unit can handle tremendous amounts of data giving the user that desired exceptional exposure.

  • AutoFocus tracking with subject recognition, 759 AutoFocus points with 94% coverage

  • Up to 10 fps shooting with AF (AutoFocus)

  • In-body stabilization rated up to 7.0EV

  • 2.36M dot OLED EVF (Electronic View Finder) with 0.7x magnification

  • Full-width oversampled 4K from 7K, up to 30p for extremely high resolution stills and videos.

  • 4K/60p video recording capability (in Super35 / APS-C mode) providing amazing clarity, no pixel binning and amazingly smooth image production in fast action moving scenes. 10-bit video or HEIF stills capture so your photos will be captured in a higher capacity storage mode as the HEIF version will compress the file without loss off detail.

  • Advanced body image stabilization is present on the alpha A7C II. This reduce shake and blur thanks to it’s advanced algorithm which provides up to 7 stops of shake.

  • Log Recording and LUT S-Log3 optimizes gradation. You can apply a custom LUT with a Log gamma curve to monito or record footage with LUT already applied

  • S-Cinetone color mode present

  • AI-powered Auto Framing automatically changes the framing to highlight your subject

  • Connectivity: 4K/30p USB streaming, Connected to a PC or smartphone via a USB cable from the camera, the Sony a7C II can function as a 4K (2160p) webcam. Shallow depth of field and bokeh create awe inspiring exposures imagery for meetings, Vlogging and live streaming. You can even record your livestream in the camera.

  • No mechanical first curtain shutter

Sony a7CR

The Sony a7CR is one of the lightest and most ergonomic cameras in it’s class. There are quite a few features from Sony’s high end a7r V without the price tag of a much more expensive camera. Let’s explore some of the specs and features of this fantastic new camera.

  • The A7CR full-frame image sensor provides exceptional subject detail in a compact, easy to use and lightweight body, weighing in at just approximately 515 grams or 1 lb. 2.2 oz.

  • With a 61.0 effective megapixel, back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor found in the high end Sony a7R V provides extraordinary resolution at a lower price point. Basically you are getting the same image sensor without having to “break the bank”.

  • The back-illuminated CMOS sensor's noise reduction, anti-reflection optical coating, also removing the optical low-pass filter which is usually stationed in front of the sensor and other original technologies deliver high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise, and wide high dynamic range.

  • A new dedicated AI Processing Unit providing advanced subject recognition and tracking as well. This helps tremendously when shooting action scenes. This new AI processing unit can also identify insects and animal wildlife allowing the shooter to capture that desired exceptional exposure. Thanks to the innovative AI processing unit exposure metering and white balance should also see marked improvement over previous versions.

  • A high-precision body image stabilization unit, advanced gyro sensors, and optimized image stabilization algorithms can identify and correct camera shake. The included 7.0-step in-body optical image stabilization makes handheld shooting a breeze. The new stabilization algorithm provides precise detection and control. The body image stabilization coupled with the 61.0 effective megapixel sensor provide clearer, more detailed exposures.

  • Pixel Shift Multi Shooting uses the in-body image stabilization system to capture multiple pixel-shifted images that are later stored on a PC to get unreal resolution in a single image. the camera shoots four uncompressed RAW images while shifting the image sensor one pixel at a time. 16-image stored on the PC with approximately 240.8 million pixels (19008 x 12672 pixels) can then be produced from data which you stored that is equivalent to approximately 963.2 million pixels.

  • The Sony a7CR offers very detailed 4K movie recordings with 6.2K oversampling, plus the mobility and maneuverability required for gimbal or drone mounted shooting. It also features cine S-Cinetone™ for a cinematic look focus breathing compensation and a ton of upgrades.

  • A 2.36 million-dot XGA OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 0.70x magnification delivers high resolution and contrast for optimal viewing, even in harsh lighting conditions such as being in direct. The EVF frame rate can be set to [High] (120 fps), twice the normal frame rate (normally 60 fps), for a smooth image with virtually no display motion blur when tracking and shooting moving subjects.

  • Because this is an interchangeable lens camera it is compatible with over 70 lenses from Sony including high end lenses from their GM or Gold Master lineup. Lenses from other manufacturers can be used, however, you will need a mounting adapter if those lenses use a different mounting system from the Sony E-Mount system. So even a telephoto lens can be attached to this camera.

  • There are 10 customizable presets under the Creative Look mode on the camera. This is great for content creators and should minimize or eliminate the need for post processing editing of your image or video once you have the preset for your photo shoot set.

  • The in-camera time-lapse option allows the shooter to create time-lapse videos within the camera itself. The exposure interval can be set on the camera itself from 1 second to 60 seconds.

  • Equipped with the latest AutoFocus algorithms, the Sony a7CR can utilize these algorithms in its AutoFocus which contains precise focusing down to light levels as low as EV -4.0 in AF-S mode (ISO 100 equivalent, F2.0 lens). It also includes a Focus Priority mode that provides more reliable AutoFocus in low light or when using smaller apertures as opposed to the maximum aperture settings.

  • Diminish flicker from artificial lighting when shooting images or video recordings. Just select "Anti-flicker Shoot", in the camera settings menu, or use "Var. Shutter" to fine-tune shutter speeds to match different lighting conditions.

  • Built in Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi AC allows access to the faster 5 GHZ band which will allow the user to upload their content faster and provide fast data transfer speeds. Connect to the Sony Creators APP on your smartphone or tablet for additional editing and uploading options. You can also access the Sony creators cloud platform to interact with other content creators and share experiences and ideas.

  • USB-C PD (Power Delivery) allows the included battery pack NP-FZ100, to be charged quickly. However, we do recommend getting a spare battery for those long Vlog or photography sessions. The included battery is rated at 490 images using the EVF and 530 shots using the LCD screen. For video recordings the battery is rated at 95 minutes of shooting via the EVF or 100 minutes via the LCD screen.

  • Contains a single UHS II SD memory card slot with a potential read/write of up to 312 MB/s per second.

16-35 mm F/2.8 G Master II Lens

Welcome to the advanced new world’s lightest full frame f/2.8 wide angle zoom lens. The Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II Full-frame Standard Zoom G Master Lens - SEL1635GM2 is an extremely versatile lens that is one of Sony’s Gold Master lenses delivering amazing Bokeh effect, amazing resolution unrivaled AutoFocus performance. This is a seriously advanced lens from Sony with it’s upgrades over the original 16-35mm f/2.8 lens from Sony which explains it’s placing in the GM (Gold Master) lineup of lenses.

What specs and features provided by this lens makes it right for you? We will look deeper into the lens to enunciate and highlight why this is a great lens.

  • A Sony G Master lens meaning this is a high-end lens rigorously tested in Sony’s labs to provide outstanding usage.

  • Extremely lightweight and easily portable at just 19.3 ounces. You will notice the weight difference, albeit it small percentage (over it’s predecessor) in lowering the weight of this lens with it’s upgrades.

  • High spatial resolution exposures in highly detailed rendering to the all the image edges throughout the 16-35 mm zoom range, even with the lens wide open.

  • Five aspherical elements include three XA (extreme aspherical) elements, which help provide an breathtaking blend of high resolution and gorgeous bokeh. With a circular aperture ring including 11 aperture blades easily allows light to pass through the aperture before reaching the shutter and, ultimately, the CMOS image sensor. This dedicated aperture ring offers up to a wide depth of field set at f/2.8.

  • The FE 16-35 mm f/2.8 G Master II also offers outstanding close-up performance with a minimum focusing distance of 0.73 ft (0.22 m) throughout the zoom range and maximum magnification of 0.32x.

  • A class leading lens that can enhance sharpness, and is extremely consistent and reliable as a wide angle lens.

  • Reduced focus breathing, focus shift, and axis shift when zooming in on your subject assist in producing smooth movie imagery, while XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors and an advanced aperture unit highly minimize noise and vibration. So feel free to take this lens for handheld shooting without the worry of blurriness and shake.

  • Amazing blazing AutoFocus system. It reliably acquires focus and then seamlessly tracks subjects, easily getting the critical focus required for slow motion and 4K/8K video recordings.

  • Customizable buttons to easily switch between AutoFocus and Manual Focus modes.

  • Front fluorine coating protects against fingerprints, dust, water and oil. Dust and moisture resistant allows the user to be able to to produce amazing high image quality even in harsher conditions.

  • Amazing performance even in harsh lighting such as in direct sunlight. This lens will eliminate flares in these lighting situations.

  • The Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 Master II lens can provide extremely close shots, while really diverting the the background far away.

  • Upgrades over the original 16-35 mm lens are tangible and make this lens worth the price increase over it’s predecessor.

Summation and Availability

The Sony a7C II, the Sony Alpha a7CR and the 16-35 mm f/2.8 G Master Lens are now available for pre order. Sony has stated that these will be released in September 2023 for immediate purchase.

Both of these cameras are wonderful choices for photographers and videographers. Because of it’s unbelievable specs like the 61.0 megapixel back illuminated sensor the Sony a7CR is a higher priced camera geared towards a more developed photographer. That is not to say that the Sony a7C II isn’t for professionals as well, because it can fit their needs as well, however with just some lower specs you can get this camera at an unbelievable price point.

The 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master II lens is well worth the price point as well as it’s upgrades over the previous version of this lens provides the user an unparalleled photography experience. We highly recommend this lens in the 16-35mm range.

You can purchase the Sony a7C II in a silver body only, or with the accompanying 28-60mm lens attached on the Sony e-mount system. The Sony a7CR is available in a black body only form factor as well as a in silver.

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