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Meet the new MyManu CLIK Pro Wireless Earbuds

Meet the new MyManu CLIK Pro Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds, especially true wireless earbuds are a great way to listen to music, make phone calls and dictate notes to your smartphone, tablet or PC. With the advent and evolution of noise cancellation, we see that especially on wireless earphones like the Apple AirPods. In addition, a newer type of wireless earbuds have emerged and are more versatile than your standard pair of wireless headphones. These are real time translation earbuds. These are the ones we will touch on today. At CES 2024, MyManu’s new lineup of award winning translation earbuds were introduced. What are real time translation earbuds and why would you need them? What do they offer above and beyond regular wireless earbuds, do they get similar high end sound quality and are they worth it? These are all questions we will cover as we look at the CES Innovation awards honorees, the MyManu CLIK S and the MyManu CLIK Pro.

First we will discuss an overview of the pros of real time translation earbuds. While the MyManu CLIK S and the MyManu CLIK Pro fall under this category, don’t be fooled, the make for great all around wireless headsets. With the included Bluetooth 5.0 standard and Wi-Fi, you can easily connect your headphones to your smartphone, tablet, PC or any bluetooth capable peripheral device. Pairing your wireless earbuds to your device will allow you to listen to HD sounding music and podcasts. Earbuds are meant for ease of use without sacrificing listening quality, you want to establish a good seal with the included ear tips that come with both MyManu CLIK models. As their are three different sized ear tips included with each model of these real time translation earbuds, you should be able to find a size which fit your ears snugly and securely.

Once you have established that good seal, get ready to put these real time translation earbuds to use. What is so cool about the MyManu CLIK models are the fact that you don’t have to use a smartphone paired with the earbuds to utilize the live translation capabilities. With their exceptional battery life, HD sound and noise cancellation, you can have live conversations with individuals who speak a different language than you. Taking a trip, possibly to Europe? Don’t leave these amazing earbuds at home. Feel comfortable in the abilities of these live translation earbuds to carry on a conversation in over 37+ languages on the MyManu CLIK S and 50 languages on the MyManu CLIK PRO including English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese to name a few. The last thing you want is to have a wonderful vacation scheduled, only to arrive and have this chasm of a language barrier preventing you from getting the full enjoyment out of your trip. Let your new MyManu CLIK real time translation earbuds handle that aspect of the trip for you and you will find more time, energy and fun enjoying your travels.

As we previously mentioned taking home the CES Innovation Awards Honoree badge the MyManu Clik S Translation earbuds and MyManu CLIK Pro Translation Earbuds are worthy of the accolades attributed to them. At CES 2024 we were all eager to see how wireless headphones have progressed and there was no let down from MyManu. Coming from a multi lingual family, we can personally attest to difficulties which arise at times during conversation. We cannot overestimate how much easier this endeavor has become since using the MyManu CLIK real time translation earbuds. With the earbuds inserted into our ear canal with a good seal, we were able to effortlessly carry on a conversation with someone speaking a different language and concentrate on the crux and details of the conversation subject matter as if we were speaking the same language. This made for an overall enjoyable and easy experience and the individuals who we were conversing with most certainly appreciated it.

The MyManu Clik S and the MyManu CLIK Pro make use of four MEMS microphones unlocking real-time translation increasing the amount of people for you to communicate with which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Download the critically acclaimed MyJuno app which is designed to let you carry on real-time conversations in translating words from different languages. The app will offer additional controls besides for the touch controls on the actual earbuds. It is highly recommended to utilize the app which can be found in the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play store on Android devices. This means that whether you have an iPhone from Apple or an Android phone from manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Google to name a few, you can get the app.


The MyManu CLIK S

Let’s begin by reviewing and discussing the MyManu CLIK S and charging case live translation earbuds.

These are a fantastic set of real time translation earbuds and are priced amazingly right now with discounts available. There a plethora of features and specs which make these more budget friendly earbuds the right ones for you. The following are some of these features which stuck out to us in usage of these great earbuds.

There is new smart AI technology for the intelligence system of the earbuds. This new tech allows for you to converse with anyone in person, over the phone or in a video conference, in their own language.

Because the My MyManu CLIK S uses the real time translation function on the earbuds which also allows for the translation of 3 languages simultaneously. This is so helpful especially if you are part of a multi lingual team in your family, co-workers or in your travels.

Many complaints you will her when discussing wireless earbuds are comfort. Whether it be the fit inside the ear canal or wearing them for lengthy periods of time, comfort always seems to come up. Well there is no going wrong with the MyManu CLIK S wireless earbuds. The MyManu CLIK S earbuds come with four silicone tips allowing you to find your perfect fit. As ear tips vary in size from Small to Large you want to find the perfect placement of the earbud so that a snug and secure fit in your ear is easily achievable.

By creating a secure snugly fit into your ear canal you are creating a good seal to get that High Fidelity sound and improved noise cancellation. They also stay securely in your ears without the need for clips or hooks as found on some earbuds. Using these earbuds falling out.

More or equally focused on the using the MyManu CLIK S earbuds to make and receive phone calls, it’s simple. The touch controls on the earbuds are very intuitive, just tap the earbud to answer or end a phone call. You don’t need a situation where you and the person you are conversing with have to speak different languages to enjoy the all the amazing features of this set of wireless earbuds. When you are using these earbuds when attached to your smartphone via the included Bluetooth technology, people who you converse with will be amazed at the clarity of your voice. You can expect HD sound and multi-microphone call technology, those microphones are used not only to pick up your voice in conversations but also power the noise cancellation function meaning you can expect a clear conversation or listening experience even in noisy environments.

There are several different codecs supported by earbuds and headsets. For example these earbuds have the code aptX Codec enabled, which is used by Android smartphones to obtain that amazing HD sound quality. This applies whether you are streaming HD music from apps like Spotify or if you are Wireless gaming, Watching TV or films. (Please note that as of this time Apple earbuds do not support this codec which can be used for spatial audio and HD sound when connected to an Android phone, Apple has their own codec).

With Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi included, you can expect seamless connectivity to your phone or other peripheral device even from further distances. As the bluetooth 5.0 standard supports distances of up to 800 feet up from 33 feet for bluetooth 4.0. This is great for conferences or large gatherings where the keynote speaker may be speaking in a different language and you place your smartphone near the speaker to record the speech. Yet your seat could theoretically be quite a distance from your phone even in large halls or ballrooms and still get great sound quality and usability from these headphones.

If you are concerned about dust, dirt and elements effecting these earbuds, it is good to note that the device is also water resistant. Rain, sweat from workouts, and other harsh elements are not a factor that would degrade the High Definition sound and functionality of the earbuds.

As for battery life, fear not as the MyManu Clik S’ battery life is rated at 10 hours on a single charge plus an additional 30 hours of usage time when placed with the charging case. We do however recommend having a power bank if you are going for a long trip or possibly even camping where you won’t have access to a outlet receptacle to charge the earbuds.

The MyManu CLIK Pro

Think you’ll enjoy the MyManu CLIK S, meet the MyManu CLIK Pro Wireless Live Speech Translation Earbuds w/ Text Display Charging Case which offers several upgrades over the CLIK S. While not just about expanding on the features of the MyManu CLIK S, the CLIK Pro are a great set of real time live translation earbuds with the sound quality and features of general use headsets. Below are some of the features which make the MyManu CLIK Pro an excellent purchase.

The MyManu CLIK Pro ups the amount of language compatibility over the CLIK S With 50+ languages available for translation. The earbuds can handle lengthy speech details without loss of meaning as they are translated to you or as you speak to an individual relying on the translation abilities of the MyManu CLIK Pro.

By Utilizing the same four MEMS microphones as the MyManu CLIK S, and advanced algorithms to get rid of unwanted surrounding noise, you can clearly detect voices, and the headset will accurately recognize and relay speech.

As with any earbuds, having the proper seal when seated in your ear canal are important to ensuring that you get the best HD sound and noise cancellation. The MyManu Clik Pro comes with three sizes of dual flange ear tips allowing you to achieve this regardless of your ear shape and size.

The charging case for the MyManu CLIK pro with it’s built-in speaker, will speak aloud the translation and even show the conversation in text format on the face of the case. This will make for an easy and simple way to converse with people speaking different languages.

Avoid those unwanted roaming voice and data charges while travelling thanks to the eSIM compability. You can connect with ease through Wi-Fi lowering costs, and/or access the MyJuno App on your phone for additional features.

Thanks to the included Wi-Fi or even if your are using the earbuds offline, you get intricate control over your communications. There is no need to attach the earbuds to your smartphone to use them, unless you want to use them in conjunction with making phone calls or accessing your favorite streaming music application.

Download and utilize the highly reviewed MyJuno app for additional features so offline translation capabilities ensure uninterrupted communication, this will be extremely helpful even in areas with limited internet access.

We all want to be able to sleep better and reduce eye strain which has become more commonplace with all of the different technological devices with displays. To expound, we are seeing a push with smartphones and monitors to reduce Blue Light and other factors attributing to more eye strain. The e-INK screen on the MyManu Clik Pro case has a paper-like display, so you get reduced eye strain.

Looking for extended battery life, the MyManu Clik Pro has a robust 8-hour battery life which is expandable to 30 hours using its charging case. You will be hard pressed to find a pair of wireless earbuds with features like live translation, notifications and noise cancellation that have this amount of all day battery life.

Connectivity as on the MyManu CLIK S is not an issue. With Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, eSim and even offline usage, these earbuds are ready to use out of the box to connect to a device of your choosing.

There are Dual Flange Eartips (in 3 different Sizes) to ensure a good seal in the ear canal. As we stated prior this is extremely important to ensuring proper noise cancellation and high quality sound.


Availability and Included in Packaging

Both headsets are Warrantied by MyManu (Please see package contents for details). They are available for pre-order now with coupons for a great price in USD.


Included in the MyManu CLIK S packaging is:

Mymanu CLIK S Earbuds
Premium Proprietary Translation Apps
USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.25m
4 Silicon ear tips
Quick Start Guide
Mymanu 1-Year Warranty

Included in the MyManu CLIK Pro packaging is:

MyManu CLIK Pro Wireless Speech Translation Earbuds with Text Display Charging Case
Double Flanged Natural Noise Cancellation Eartips (3 Sizes)
MyManu Warranty

This is the perfect time after seeing their capabilities at CES 2024, to purchase one of these great real time translation earbud sets. We can see why these great real time translation earbuds received the coveted CES Innovation Awards Honoree award. So, wow your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances

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