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Plena - A NIKKOR S-Line prime unlike any before

Plena - A NIKKOR S-Line prime unlike any before

Nikon has announced a new high-end lens in the NIKKOR S Line of lenses. The Nikon NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena Medium Telephoto Lens. This is a telephoto lens also serving as a prime portrait lens of the highest quality sitting on the patented Z-Mount system from Nikon. The lens can be mounted on cameras from other manufacturer’s besides Nikon, such as Canon, Sigma and Sony, however a mounting adapter would be required.

This lens is different than other lenses found in Nikon’s new Nikkor Z lenses as this is their higher end S-Line of lenses which Nikon which have been great for pairing with a Nikon Z camera like the also newly released mirrorless Nikon ZF.

This lens was created to show off your artistry, especially as a dedicated content creator or even a Vlogger. As this is a Prime lens the length and weight are not what you would expect from a lens with a focal length of 135mm. Imagine if you are a landscape photographer and you want those city skylines and nature shots to just pop, you need this great new lens.

Imagine you are a Vlogger and getting the perfect looking exposures and video preproduction possible are at the top of your list. The Plena lens will provide the these types of exposures, so you can confidently upload your vlog to your social media site of choice. Once done, you can rest assured that your channel subscriber base will be impressed and hopefully new subscribers will be attracted to your content.

So in essence even though this is a S-Line prime lens built for professionals, even photography newbies or hobbyists will find the specs and features contained within the lens to be too good to pass up.

The craftsmanship on this new S-Line prime lens is exquisite. Putting the perfect finishing touches on the inner workings of the lens. This is something that Nikon prides itself on with it’s elite class of lenses. From the cursive engravement of the name Plena on the lens to each precisely crafted and rigorously tested dial and functions, the Plena is firmly entrenched in the mid $2,000.00 range as a top tier prime lens.



In addition to the introduction to the new lens, we wanted to review some of the specs features and product details, which make the Nikon NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena Medium Telephoto Lens a great choice, especially when coupled with a Nikon camera such as the newly released Nikon ZF.

  • All new groundbreaking peripheral illumination is a feature available on this new lens. The NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena’s innovative design allow for more light to reach the edges and corners the aperture range of your exposure. This will allow for uniformity of brightness across your image and allow the distinct imprint of your creative content to shine. So you will have fine sharp edges.

  • Wide open still shooting without the worry of vignetting. Because of the sheer amount of light reaching the edges and corners of your frame, you won’t have to stop down your aperture to prevent vignetting. It’s already a baked in feature.

  • Mounted on the versatile and patented Nikon Z Mount system, mean the extra-wide diameter of the mount allows for a larger curved rear element that projects light evenly across a camera containing a full-frame image sensor. Please note; if you want to mount this lens on a camera from another manufacturer, you will need an adapter to do so.

  • Anytime, discussing a lens, you want to make certain (especially with a telephoto portrait lens) that you can produce a gorgeous background Bokeh effect. The Plena adds style and flair to your photos and videos with large, round bokeh that can spread across the entire exposure frame. An 11-rounded-blade aperture gives the bokeh its beautiful near-circular shape even at its maximum aperture setting of f/1.8.

  • Depth-of-field when shooting wide open can create an almost creamy background, which helps create separation between foreground, background and subject. Bokeh effect can be placed during these types of shooting sessions as set by the camera user.

  • Providing vibrant color and sharp edges, the advanced SR and ED glass lens elements produce bokeh free of onion rings and color fringing.

  • Smooth gradation helps sharp details beautifully fill the entire focal plane.

  • Combine the soft shallow depth of field with jaw dropping high resolution. Skin and hair textures are rendered with a lifelike appearance with no chromatic aberrations.

  • Point light which it completely on point. Bright city night lights and stars are captured brilliantly across the entire frame of your exposure. This gives nighttime stills and video recordings an unrivaled level of clarity.

  • When purchasing a lens you want to make sure that the lens has the proper protective coatings to help with flare. The Plena S-Line introduces Nikon’s most advanced anti-reflective coatings; the Meso Amorphous Coat and ARNEO Coat which are combined to combat even the harshest lighting conditions when the harsh light may be coming from multiple directions.

  • There is a fast, accurate and near silent autofocus system which Nikon refers to as the Multi-Focus System. This system uses dual STM stepping motors moving in together in unison, especially when shooting wide open. This is a near silent system so you can track subjects such as wildlife with virtually no noise from the lens.

  • With a weight of approximately 995g, this lens brings smooth quiet handling and richness to your video recordings (even in 8k). So the lens shouldn’t be too cumbersome to carry around with your camera. Especially if you have a good camera case/backpack.

  • With premium weather sealing protecting against dust and moisture, you will feel more at ease using this lens even in harsh climates.

  • With a smooth manual focus ring which can be set to either rotation, liner or non linear and an assignable FN Button which are placed for ease of use and accessibility whether you are shooting vertically of horizontally.

  • A smooth click less control ring can be assigned by the camera user to control such settings as aperture, ISO, exposure compensation and more.

  • Gorgeous engraved name of the Plena in cursive is artistically shown off on this fantastic telephoto S-Line premium lens.

Availability and Included with Lens


The Nikkor S-Line Plena was announced in the end of September for pre-order with a release set in October. It is now available for purchase and shipping.

The lens comes packed with the LC-82B lens hood, lens cap and the CL-C2 lens case. The lens hood snaps into place easily and is extremely sturdy.

Why this Lens is for you:

If you are a content creator and want your images and artistry contained within them to be awe inspiring, than the NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena SKU NK135F18SP, is the lens for you. With gorgeous edge to edge clarity and vibrancy, an ethereal like circular bokeh, a focal length just made for amazing portraits and landscapes. A focal length treasured for portraits, still life, cinema and landscapes. All with superlative craftsmanship and performance optimized for wide-open shots. Plentiful. This is the S Plena Lens. How can you go wrong?

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