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Why Buy Certified Refurbished?

Why Buy Certified Refurbished?

Welcome to the world of shopping certified refurbished. If you’re looking for amazing deals on the latest electronics and appliances but don’t mind helping to save the planet in the process then shopping Beach Camera’s certified refurbished products is perfect for you. Beach Camera has millions of products including photography, TV and entertainment, computers, home and garden, health and fitness, and much much more. With such an extensive catalog of products, it’s simply laws of averages that there will be a nice amount that will be sold as certified refurbished. This means that if you’re lucky enough to find something that you have been wanting, you can now get it at a nice discount. Certified refurbished items that are electronics by top brands such as Samsung, Dell, Apple, Sony, and Nikon don’t last long, and that’s because buying a certified refurb from a well known company is pretty much like buying it brand new. Plus, buying refurbished makes a tremendous difference in keeping our planet green.


Assured Quality

When it comes to quality control, rest assured that something deemed certified refurbished will be in like new condition. Sometimes products have hiccups from the original manufacturer and although the new product was never used, it could have a small cosmetic damage or have some functionality or component issue that needed attention, such replacing a faulty battery with a new battery. This will make the item certified refurbished once the product passes rigorous testing to ensure the functionality and satisfaction of the consumer. When manufacturers produce goods, they are only required to test a certain percentage of them, which means some of those products may slip through the cracks of inspection, become damaged during transit, or have a faulty or missing components.  These products are returned to be refurbished to a like new status.

Some people may confuse certified refurbished with open box but they are quite different. Certified refurbished means the product was sent back to the manufacturer and refurbished to be as good as new. Open box simply means the box had been either accidently opened during transit or is a customer return. Sometimes these items can even end up in clearance. Although open box has a lower price, it probably has a few blemishes and definitely has not been tested by the manufacturer. Buying a high quality product that went through the refurbishment process is way more worth it than buying an open boxed item.


Benefits You Get From Buying Certified Refurbished

There is tremendous value when buying a refurb item. You save money while enjoying newer technology from your favorite gadgets and more. Not only is buying refurbished a great way to get your hands on new models of the best products, but you will literally be saving the planet in doing so. When you buy a refurbished item, you get something of value while doing something to be proud of.

  • Save Money - Surely the most attractive benefit is saving money. Refurbished products cost less, and generally doesn’t sit in back market for too long before someone takes advantage and buys it. Refurbished products are often sought out by wise consumers and bought up quickly.

  • New Device and Models - There is always a hefty premium for products with the latest tech. Buying refurbished can offer you big discounts on new models with the latest technology. Often enough, you may find refurbished items that are one or two generations old and are still amazing finds since companies like to launch new items even when they may only have one or two small updates.

  • You’re Saving the Planet - Buying refurbished is an eco friendly way to purchase electronics and saves the world from terrible electronic pollutions and landfills. Every time you buy refurbished electronics, you are making a big difference. Surprisingly, the world is still not ready to support electronic waste with only about 25% going to the proper recycling plants.  Toxins from electronic waste not disposed of properly can contaminate our water, poison the soil, and releases chemicals into the atmosphere.  All of which pollutes the ecology of our food and bodies. So buying refurbished is a great deed in addition to getting you awesome products.

  • Backed by Manufacturer’s Warranties - It is natural to feel hesitant about shopping for refurbished vs brand new products because you may think it’s not as good as new.  That’s not the case because there is no difference between refurbished and new products when it comes to the manufacturer’s liability. When a product becomes certified refurbished, Beach Camera includes a minimum 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. Beach Camera also has a lenient return policy adding further confidence in purchasing refurbished products that they should be long lasting and that you will still receive the same customer service and support as if it was a brand new product.

Let’s Go Shopping

When shopping refurbs, it’s important to know that it will be difficult to find specific refurbished models of items you want. There is a a bit of luck that needs to happen for you to find the exact refurbished device you wanted. For example, you wont be able to walk into an Apple store and have refurbished laptops like the macbook pro, iPad, and other Apple products available to purchase. Shopping with Beach Camera is better than buying something refurbished from resellers like ebay because of the included limited warranty period, awesome return policy, and consumer confidence that you get when doing business with a reputable company like Beach camera. Let’s have a look at what you may find.

  • TVs - Most homes have 3 to 4 tv’s nowadays. While you probably don’t mind having a less expensive secondary TV, it’s likely important to you to have the latest best option in your family room. For your primary television, which is the main source of your visual entertainment, you should be shopping new TV’s with the latest technology such as a 4K UHD, OLED display. For your main TV, it’s important to expand your options by shopping new and get exactly what you want although you still may find the one you want in our refurbished online store. When it comes to video gaming, the refresh rate is just as important as picture quality. There may be a lot of these monitors to choose from, just check the specs that it will support your gaming with full HD and a high refresh rate as to eliminates any lag and promotes accuracy and precision while gaming.

  • Digital Cameras - The quality and technology in cameras today has never been better. Optical companies like Nikon, Canon, and Sony, have been around for over a century. It’s amazing how far these cameras have come, and the technology is not complicated to understand and operate. Most professional cameras are also built like tanks and have a much more rigorous testing process than your average products. Each of these companies also uses proprietary patents for their cameras, so their passion and mission to produce consistent quality is very high. Cameras are also a very personal tool for photographers. Especially for content creators and professionals who need the proper tools for their productivity. When dealing with a product that has such a strong correlation to your passions and productivity, it is crucial that you choose the best option with the right features, that will support your photography. You won’t only find awesome cameras, but the lenses too. You will never know what kind of treasures you will find just by browsing. Don’t forget that cameras now include personal drones. DJI launches new models several times a year which means, you may find some awesome deals on their refurbished products.

  • Computers and Laptops - Whether you’re an IOS mac user or Windows operating system, it doesn’t mean you need to break the bank while shopping for everything you need. Although you may find many options of refurbished iPhones, droid smart phones, and touchscreen tablets, quality refurbished computers are just as readily available if you look hard enough. There are plenty of refurbished computers like ASUS, Hewlett Packard, and may be lucky enough to find a Microsoft or Apple. Of course some are better than others, but finding a computer with good enough specs shouldn't be all that difficult. Refurbished may also be the way to go for accessories like a mechanical gaming keyboard or a computer charger. Besides for it being subjectively better, it’s worth noting that SSD hard drives pollute 86-94% less than HDD.

  • Smaller Brands & More - Although you may not find many refurbished products from smaller brand names, you will always get a nice deal over the box store brands which usually has greater markups and larger margins on their products. For example, brands like Deco Gear offers products that box store brands may retail with a 20% to 100% greater markup for the identical product featuring the same specifications.



Shopping refurbished needs to be more of a what can you find type of experience vs looking for something very specific. Check out our Certified Refurbished section to view the awesome products and deals. There is a lot more that is offered besides the items mentioned. You will see awesome Bluetooth technology gadgets like portable speakers, vacuums, and even very practical kitchen appliances, large and small, like coffee makers, air fryers, ranges and grills, refrigeration, and more. Fan of health and wellness? We have loads of exercise and health monitoring equipment that you will love. You may even find something in our home and garden, sports, or camping categories. The deals on refurbished products is so good that it can give you the green light to buy something you may never have without the good deal. Sometimes it is these things that we end up loving and cherishing the most.

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